China Green Bond Market Mid-Year Report 2018 -中国绿色债券市场半年报 2018

Check out the green bond issuers, trends and market developments of the world’s second largest green market

Our China Green Bond Market Mid-Year Report is now available with the latest bond issuance, market developments and updates.

Full versions in both English & Chinese can be found here.

In the first half of 2018, total green bond issuance from China went up to USD13bn, a 14% increase year on year, primarily driven by strong momentum from the private sector. Financial corporates’ issuance accounts for 44%, and non-financial corporates contributed 32% to the H1 total.

The proportion of green bonds that are not aligned with international green bond definitions has increased, making up 28% of the total green bond issuance from China in the first half of the year. On a very positive note, disclosure seems to be less of an issue compared to 2017, with fewer exclusions due to insufficient information on the use of proceeds.

In this report, we elaborate on the Climate Bonds green bond database screening methodology.  The Climate Bonds Initiative screens self-labelled green bonds for inclusion in the CBI Green Bond Database in three steps: first, to identify green-themed, labelled bond; second, to screen the projects or assets for alignment with the Climate Bonds Taxonomy, and third, to evaluate the use of proceeds.

The Climate Bonds Taxonomy provides broad guidance for prospective green bond and climate bond issuers and investors. The aim of the taxonomy is to encourage common definitions across global markets, in a way that supports the growth of a cohesive thematic bond market.

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2018年上半年﹐中国绿色债券的总发行量为130亿美元 (844亿人民币)﹐同比增长14%,这主要得益于非金融企业的强劲势头。金融企业的绿色债券发行量占上半年中国发行总量的44%,非金融企业占上半年发行总额的32%。








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