Tianjin: Green Supply Chain Service Centre (TGCC) Partners with Climate Bonds



Tianjin Green Supply Chain Service Center (TGCC) signs MoU with CBI. New partnership to develop green finance and green services in China  


What’s it all about?

Tianjin Green Supply Chain Centre (TGCC) and the Climate Bonds Initiative have announced a new Partnership after formally signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) earlier in 2018.

TGCC is part of the APEC Green Supply Chain Cooperation Network, the first center to be established and endorsed in the APEC Leaders Declaration of 2014.

The fourth largest city in China, Tianjin has been successively approved to be the national circular economy demonstration pilot city, national low-carbon pilot city and carbon emissions trading pilot city and has also taken a lead in promoting government procurement of green commodities and green finance.

TGCC is one part of these many faceted pilot programmes with its supply chain management mission to reduce environmental pollution and improve energy efficiency. You can find some more background on its role here.


MoU Focus on Green Finance

The new agreement will see both parties working together to support green finance developments domestically. The Climate Bonds Initiative will provide consulting services, training and work with TGCC to help develop domestic green bond issuance.


Who’s saying what?

Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative:

“We welcome this partnership with TGCC and the opportunity to cooperate on green finance developments. Tianjin has a leading role in China’s efforts to address climate change issues and TGCC plays an important part in this. By working together and sharing our knowledge we can support policy innovations, new investment, encourage green growth and positive environmental and climate outcomes.”


Ms. Mu Lingling, General Manager, Tianjin Green Supply Chain Service Center

“TGCC is excited to be working together with the Climate Bonds Initiative. This announcement is another sign of our commitment to China’s green transition and to realizing the national strategic target of energy conservation and emissions reduction.”


The Last Word

Greening supply chains is not usually the stuff of headlines.

But in this case the decision to establish the TGCC had the support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China, the China Council for the International Co-operation on Environment and Development (CCICED), the ASEAN Environmental Protection Centre and the Environmental Defense Fund and point in an APEC Declaration.  

Both TGCC’s domestic expertise and Tianjin’s significance to China’s foreign investment and green programs should not be overlooked by Blog readers.

Expect to see more announcements in 2018 as we continue our development work in China.

Meanwhile we welcome Tianjin Green Supply Chain Center to our Partner network.


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