57 Mexican Investors with USD 214bn in AUM Back Green Bonds


Pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers and investment funds all back green bonds in public decalaration, sponsored by the Mexican Stock Exchange, (BMV), MÉXICO2 and the Climate Bonds Initiative.

The Mexico Green Bonds Investor Statement is a significant step forward for green finance in LATAM.


What's it all about

Yesterday in Mexico City, 57 institutional investors, with over USD 213.8bn (4 trillion pesos) in AUM released a statement in favor of financing green bonds in Mexico.

The statement stresses that green bonds offer an opportunity for institutional investors to comply with their fiduciary duties with clients and beneficiaries in a responsible and sustainable manner.

The 57 signatories including pension funds, insurance companies, multilateral development banks, investment funds and independent investment advisors, acknowledge in the document that climate change represents a crucial risk for society, the economy and their long-term investments.

They also recognize that low carbon projects (required for taking action on climate change) can be structured as investment assets that offer levels of yield and risk, satisfying the investment needs they pursue on behalf of their clients and beneficiaries.


Who's saying what


José Oriol Bosch, CEO of the Mexican Stock Exchange

“This document demonstrates the desire on behalf of investors to have access to more green bond issuances and it paves the way to face one of the most important challenges for Mexico and the world: climate change”.


Javier Bernal Stoopen, Head of Institutional Sales for Grupo Financiero Monex (and General Counselor for the Mexican Climate Finance Advisory Board):

“Mexico is the fifth largest emerging economy after China, Brazil, Russia and India; this statement on the destination of proceeds for projects that, besides being profitable contribute to the fight against climate change, is an encouraging message that reflects the growing maturity and responsibility in portfolio management in order to mitigate these risks”.


Alejandro Elizondo, Executive Director of Investments, Seguros Monterrey New York Life:

"For us it is very important to be part of this initiative that sets a precedent in Mexico regarding the care and preservation of the environment. Moreover, this event represents yet another step that allows us to continue to protect the Mexican people and direct the country towards a more sustainable future”.


Sean Kidney, the CEO of Climate Bonds Initiative:

“The strong response of investors to this statement is a positive milestone for Mexico; it is a show of enormous confidence in the green bonds market”.


The last word 

This statement, one of the most significant globally by volume of assets represented, stresses that green bonds offer an opportunity for institutional investors to comply with their fiduciary duties with clients and beneficiaries in a responsible and sustainable manner. 

We want to see more of this; investors joining together, publicly calling on issuers for more green bonds.


Muy bien, Mexico!


P.S: You can read this blog in Spanish here. And more about the Mexico CCFC (Climate Finance Advisory Board) and Mexico’s green bond market, here (Spanish).

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