Sean Kidney Appointed to EU High-Level Expert Group for the Capital Mkts Union: Policy Leaders to Develop Sustainable Finance Strategy for European Commission

Climate Bonds CEO Sean Kidney has been appointed a member of the European Commission’s High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance, convened to “help develop an overarching and comprehensive EU strategy on sustainable finance to integrate sustainability in EU financial policy”. The Group is comprised of 20 people drawn from financial sector regulators, pension funds, investors, banks and other sectors, all with experience in sustainable finance.


Formation of the Expert Group was decided by the Commission on September 14th  as a new priority in the Capital Markets Union (CMU) reform process. 

Christian Thimann, Group Head of Strategy, Sustainability and Public Affairs at AXA, has been appointed as Chairperson. Mr Thimann has recently served as Vice-Chair of the Financial Stability Board Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (FSB-TCFD).

The Group will work in two six month phases, initially examining a range of issues around green finance and then developing an integrated roadmap and prioritisation of possible measures that can be addressed through public policy, market measures or NGO/agency activities.


European Commission Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis:

"We are committed to promoting sustainable finance in Europe. In appointing the members of our high level expert group, we have drawn on the best talent and expertise there is. They will ensure our approach to sustainable finance is ambitious and at the forefront of innovation. They will help us hardwire sustainability into EU financial policy."



Composition of the High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance:





 Stakeholder group

 BECKER, Julie

 Member of Executive  Committee

 Luxembourg Stock  Exchange

(stock exchange)

 BILLING, Magnus



(pension fund)

 CANFIN, Pascal


 WWF France

 Civil society

 DUPRE, Stan


 2° Investment Initiative

 Civil society


 Senior Associate

 University of Cambridge


 GROSZEK, Mieczyslaw

 Vice President

 Polish Bank Association

 Finance (banks)

 HARRIS, David

 Head Sustainable  Business and Director of  ESG

 London Stock Exchange  Group

 (stock  exchange)

 HOLMES, Ingrid



 Civil society

 HUSSON-TRAORE,  Anne-Catherine






 Climate Bonds Initiative

 Civil society


 Deputy Managing  Director

 Federation of Finnish  Financial Services


 KRUSE, Claudia

 Managing Director, 
GlobaResponsible  Investment  and  Governance

 APG Asset Management

(asset  manager)

 MATTISON, Richard


 TRUCOST (S&P Global)

 Finance  (ratings/analytics)

 McCarthy, Arlene

 Special Advisor to the  Chairman, Bloomberg

 AMC Strategy

 Finance  (data/analytics)


 Executive Director


 Civil society

 SCHMIDT, Michael

 Board Member

 DEKA Investment

(asset manager)

 THIMANN, Christian  (Chairperson)

 Group Head of  Regulation, Sustainability  and Insurance Foresight


 Finance (insurance)


 Senior Researcher


 Civil society  (Research)


 Chief Responsible  Investment Officer

 AVIVA investors

 Finance (insurance)

 ZAOUATI, Philippe



(asset manager)


The Last Word

Convening of the Expert Group follows release of the EC Clean Energy for all Europeans November 30th  policy package and the December 2nd Green Bond Finance for Resource-Efficient Investments report that signalled policy directions to help accelerate green finance.

A positive trio of announcements from Europe to round off the year with. The Expert Group has its first meeting later this month; we’ll keep you appraised of developments.


Till next time,

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