Webinars: Green Bonds for Cities: Infrastructure finance for cities in emerging economies: Español and English, Dec 13th

Join one of our twin webinars on December 13th for a comprehensive overview of green bonds for cities in emerging markets, with a focus on the Mexican and Latin American markets.


Webinars: Bonos Verdes para Ciudades – Financiamiento de infraestructura de ciudades en economías emergentes: español e inglés, Dic 13 

Únase a uno de nuestros webinars el 13 de diciembre para aprender sobre bonos verdes para las ciudades en mercados emergentes, con enfoque en el mercado mexicano y latinoamericano.


Bonos Verdes para Ciudades - México
[en Español]
10am Ciudad de México / 11am Bogotá / 2pm Brasilia / 4pm Londres


Green City Bonds
[in English]
12pm London / 5.30pm New Delhi / 7pm Jakarta / 8pm Beijing REGISTER HERE


The Challenge of Cities

The world’s cities host 50% of the global population and account for 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The share of urban population is expected to rise to 60% by 2030, with the bulk of this growth to take place in emerging markets and developing countries.

An estimated USD 50 trillion will need to be spent over the next 15 years in basic urban infrastructure such as transport, building energy efficiency, telecommunications, water and waste infrastructure.

Access to low-cost capital at scale is critical for cities in developing countries to realize low-carbon infrastructure and climate-resilient growth. 


Green City Bonds

Following COP22 in Marrakech, green bonds are being highlighted as an investment option to assist local and central governments in bridging the climate finance gap and meeting their carbon reduction commitments. 


The Big Questions

What are green bonds? 

How do they work?  

How can a city in an emerging economy access green finance? 

What are the prospects in Mexican and LATAM cities?


Twin Sessions: Español and English Tuesday December 13th

Bonos Verdes para Ciudades - México
[en Español]
10am Ciudad de México / 11am Bogotá / 2pm Brasilia / 4pm Londres


Green City Bonds
[in English]
12pm London / 5.30pm New Delhi / 7pm Jakarta / 8pm Beijing REGISTER HERE


Speakers will include:

  • Diletta Giuliani – Climate Bonds Initiative
  • Viola Lutz – South Pole Group
  • Padraig Oliver – Climate Policy Initiative
  • Eduardo Piquero and Alba Aguilar Priego - MexiCO2
  • Martin Stadelmann – South Pole Group
  • Hanna Vartto – South Pole Group

The webinars will cover:

  • Recap - What is a green bond?
  • Green bonds for cities guidelines
  • Green bonds for cities toolkit
  • Issuer experience
  • Q&A


The Green Bonds for Cities Project

These webinars are part of the Green Bonds for Cities project sponsored by Climate-KIC, delivered by Climate Bonds Initiative in partnership with ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, South Pole Group and Climate Policy Initiative. Other workstreams from this project include:


Guidelines and Green Bond Toolkit - Coming Soon

A green bond guidelines strategic paper and green bond toolkit will also be released on Tuesday 13th and will be available online.


Chinese Green Cities

A ‘Green City Bonds – China’ roundtable has also been held in Datong, China as part of the Datong International Seminar on Green Finance by SyntTao Green Finance and Dianyang Capital.


India Roundtable December 19th

An Indian roundtable will be held in Mumbai, India on December 19th to explore the challenges and opportunities of green municipal markets in India.

For more information about this event please contact Diletta Giuliani.


Mexico City Update

Climate Bonds Initiative has been working directly with the City of Mexico Climate Change department and local partners MexiCO2 to develop a green financing strategy for the city and support the issuance of its first green bond.

The City has announced a MXN 1 billion green bond issuance and identified public transport, water efficiency and wastewater management projects to include in the portfolio.



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