Terrawatt Initiative & Climate Bonds Form New Partnership


Terrawatt Initiative and Climate Bonds Form New Partnership

Boost for Global Solar Financing and Investment




Big Step Towards Bridging the Climate Finance Gap


What’s it all about?

The Terrawatt Initiative (TWI) and the Climate Bonds Initiative have formed a new partnership to help accelerate global financing of solar energy.

The partnership will be announced at the Terrawatt Initiative/International Solar Alliance, “Trillion Dollar Opportunity” Roundtable in New York on April 22nd.


Tell me more about the Terrawatt Initiative?

The TWI was launched on the opening day of COP21 in Paris with the following goals:

  • Promoting competitive solar power as a decisive tool to address power needs, sustainable development goals and climate change;
  • Engaging and structuring the dialogue with the Governments and International Organizations to achieve at scale design and fast implementation of a global common market of affordable solar power; and
  • Promoting actual deployment of affordable capital in solar power generation assets at the trillion USD scale.


Who’s saying what?

Terrawatt Initiative Chair, Isabelle Kocher: 

“One of the TWI objectives is to support regulatory practices and financial structures that will accelerate investment in solar energy on a worldwide basis. The Climate Bonds focus on growing sustainable finance supported by transparent investor standards strongly complements this objective.”

“Partnering with Climate Bonds for cooperation around solar growth will open many new avenues to bridge the climate finance gap highlighted at COP21.”


Climate Bonds CEO, Sean Kidney:

“Terrawatt Initiative has taken a leading position in supporting the development of global solar. They share our focus on harnessing private sector investment to meet the climate challenges we all face. Partnering with TWI signals to all stakeholders in the solar field the growing role green bonds can play in sustainable energy investment.”

“TWI, with their private sector foundation, is uniquely positioned to provide global solar business perspectives. By partnering, we can work internationally on various projects that will support accelerated solar based climate finance solutions.”






The Last Word

Climate Bonds has been active in the solar sector for some time, beginning with the release of the Solar Sector Criteria for investors in late 2013.

The Terrawatt Initiative has a diverse member base with connections to leading energy companies backing solar growth. 

Both organisations are committed to dramatically increasing solar investment on a global basis.

Bright prospects for a new partnership!




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