UNFCCC recognises green bonds as climate actions ahead of UN COP 21 by adding Climate Bonds Initiative’s data bank to its global climate platform!

Check out all green bond issuances from corporates, cities, munis and banks now!

Climate Bonds Initiative has partnered with the UNFCCC to showcase all labelled green bonds issued by ‘Non-State Actors’ (meaning companies, cities, municipalities and banks) on the Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Action (NAZCA) platform hosted by the UNFCCC.

The UNFCCC NAZCA platform was launched in December 2014 at the UN climate change conference in Lima by Manuel Pulgar Vidal, President of COP 20. It is designed to showcase the growing range of climate and carbon commitments and actions by non-state stakeholders including investors, companies, cities and NGOs in the run up to Paris COP21.

In addition to Climate Bonds data bank recording all green bond issuance dating from 2007, a range of information from CDP, UN Compact and the Carbonn Climate Registry is also available on the platform.

Need another reason to get excited about this signal of UN support for green bonds? Well, for the first time a summary of the ‘use of proceeds’ for each green bond is available in one location and open to investor and public view. This detail includes types of assets and projects financed through green bonds, from renewable energy to resilient infrastructure and sustainable water.

Explore the data set now on the UNFCCC platform!

Commenting on the recognition, CEO Sean Kidney said: ‘The launch of wide-ranging Climate Bonds Initiative data onto the UNFCCC climate platform is a far-reaching step for investors, bond issuers, and policy makers. It adds further momentum to global efforts to help unlock the necessary capital investment needed to fund the low carbon transition towards the international goal of limiting warming to a maximum of 2 degrees.’

‘Long term institutional investors, global asset owners, managers and bond issuers looking at future investment opportunities that green bonds can provide will be able to track market progress, where bond proceeds are flowing and the latest initiatives via regular updates to the UNFCCC platform from the Climate Bonds Initiative.’

‘Users will now have additional insight and perspective into green bond developments and their growing role within the suite of sustainable investment options. Transparency around market trends via this global platform signals another stage in building a robust investment pipeline for green bonds.’