NAB issues the first Australian climate bond certified under the Climate Bonds Standard

Australia’s first certified Climate Bond was launched today by one of Australia’s four big banks; National Australia Bank (NAB). The bond has been certified under the Climate Bonds Standard; a FairTrade-like labeling scheme for bonds that allows investors to easily prioritise ‘climate-smart’ investments. The bond raised A$300 million and will fund a portfolio of seventeen wind and solar energy farms. It is the first time an Australian issuer has brought a green bond to the local market. The bond's compliance with the Standard was confirmed by Climate Bonds’ approved verifier DNV-GL.

Demand for investments that address climate change has soared in the past year and fuelled the rapid growth of the green bonds market. It has trebled in size in 2014 (to $34bn) and is expected to reach $100bn in 2015.

“Green and climate bonds are where the proceeds go to projects or assets important to addressing climate change’ said Sean Kidney, CEO of Climate Bonds Initiative ‘Independent certification gives confidence to investors that money is being used in the promised way.”

He added: “NAB climate bond meets the criteria of the scheme. Funds are dedicated to wind and solar energy project finance loans. From the investors’ point of view, these are high quality investment grade bonds, fully backed by NAB. The only difference is that the proceeds are earmarked for green investment. What’s not to like?  This is an important development for investors acutely aware of the threat of climate change.”

 NAB Group Executive for Product & Markets, Antony Cahill, said the climate bonds placed the bank at the forefront of product innovation and environmental financing.

“This provides investors the opportunity to invest in a bond with the same features of any senior, unsecured NAB bond – but with the additional benefit of being dedicated to financing climate change solutions,” Mr Cahill said.   “This deal reinforces NAB’s position as the largest debt financier of renewable energy in Australia, provides the sector with a new funding source, and highlights our market-leading environmental solutions credentials.”

“The launch also demonstrates the key role debt markets play in supporting the growth of new markets and financing a low carbon economy, and raises the profile of the green bond asset class in Australia.”

Nathan Fabian, CEO of the Australian Investor Group on Climate Change, said: ‘We are concerned that the climate related investments we make are the right ones. Our engagement with the Climate Bond Standards Board helps to ensure that the investment community has a sound system to identify appropriate investments.’