Dr Michael Molitor, Kristian Brüning and Dr Alex Rau join Climate Bonds team to support new Climate Science Advisory Committee supervising criteria for Climate Bond Standards

PARIS - Dr Michael Molitor, Kristian Brüning and Dr Alex Rau today join the Climate Bonds team to support a newly convened supervisory Climate Science Advisory Committee, supervising eligibility criteria for the Climate Bond Standards.


A Climate Science Reference Framework will anchor the Climate Bonds Taxonomy and Climate Bond Standards to projections of needed emission reductions and adaptation measures from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and internationally respected climate science research centres.

The Climate Bonds Standard is a screening tool for investors and governments to support investment in delivering a Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Economy.

Climate Bonds CEO Sean Kidney said: "Common standards are essential for growing bond markets and preventing greenwashing scandals that would damage the reputation of bond issuers and investors alike."

“Investors need clarity about what really is green – what’s important to environmental protection and addressing climate change. In particular they need clarity on the investments needed to achieve a rapid transition to a low-carbon and climate change resilient world.”

“Clear criteria will allow investors to better compare apples with apples."

Climate Bond Standards Advisory Board* members are:

The new team brings a wealth of experience in climate finance and climate standards. Molitor, Brüning  and Rau have previously been closely involved in the development process of the Global Reporting Initiative and the WBCSD GHG Protocol, as well as having been the authors of the first version of the Voluntary/Verified Carbon Standard, the most widely accepted trading standard for non-Kyoto carbon assets and which has created the world’s leading voluntary carbon market.


Michael Molitor is currently a visiting professor at SciencesPo in Paris, teaching in the International Energy program. All three have previously held key climate change-related at both McKinsey and PwC.



*Disclosure: The CBSAB is an Advisory Committee to the Climate Bonds Board.