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In a world that faces critical environmental and social challenges, the importance of finance, and more specifically of sustainable finance, is being recognized globally as it plays a key role in attaining the sustainable development global goals and it gives market participants the opportunity to act in a responsible way. Sustainable finance approaches and instruments are fundamental to incentivise the transition to more sustainable practices, to reduce carbon emissions and to allow societies and economies to adapt to the adverse effects of climate change.

Thematic labelled bonds are an important financial innovation as they are particularly suited for providing the much-needed capital for the long-term environmental and social infrastructure required to build a low-carbon, resource-efficient, climate-resilient and inclusive economy. On one hand, thematic bonds address the investment needs of institutional investors, making them appropriate investment vehicles to tap into their large capital holdings at scale, and on the other side, allow issuers to raise funding for projects that support the sustainable development agenda. Particularly, green bonds, whose proceeds are used for green projects or assets, play an important role in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Green bonds can fund projects and assets in the field of renewable energy, sustainable waste and water management, sustainable use of land and in the transport sector, among others.

Cognizant of the rapid growth and relevance of the green bond market and bearing in mind the strong appetite for these innovative debt instruments, the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) has structured a comprehensive course on green bonds for a range of individuals who wish to gain a broad knowledge of these thematic labels. 


  1. Finance landscape and green bond basics
  2. Market infrastructure and policy landscape
  3. Green bonds issuance process
  4. Market dynamics and development

Interactive discussions and exercises



  • Current finance landscape
  • Green bond definitions, types and benefits
  • Evolution of the sustainable debt market
  • Green bonds contribution to the global goals
  • Exercise


  • Market stakeholders and their roles
  • Green bonds principles and existing standards
  • Classification systems, Taxonomy for green assets and projects
  • Green bonds policy landscape


  • Pre-issuance (green bond framework and supporting mechanisms)
  • Issuance (book building, primary and secondary markets)
  • Post-issuance (allocation of proceeds, reporting and audit)
  • Exercise 


  • Status quo of the green bond market  (global and regional) 
  • Sovereign bonds  (market evolution, benefits and impacts)
  • Transition bonds
  • Exercise


  • Training format:  
    o In-person: 7,5 hours of content delivered in 1 day. Trainers and participants are physically present at the training facilities. This option, however, is only feasible if travel restrictions do not apply due to the current pandemic. Exact date and time are to be confirmed by CBI in conjunction with the client.
    o Online: 7.5 hours of content delivered in 3 sessions of 2.5 hours each (1 session per day), via an online platform (Zoom). Sessions are scheduled on a consecutive day basis. Trainers and participants will be virtually present at each of the 3 online sessions. Exact date and time are to be confirmed by CBI in conjunction with the client.
  • Trainers: climate finance specialists will deliver the training
  • Participants: 25 is the suggested number of participants per training.
  • Material: CBI provides participants with all training materials and presentations.
  • Language: Training materials and communication are in English
  • Certificate: Participants who complete the course are awarded a Climate Bonds Initiative certificate


CBI’s Green Bond Training objective is to provide an overall understanding of the role of green bonds in shifting financial practices to more sustainable approaches while providing an overview of how these bonds impact the way the market perceives sustainability and what attracts investors and issuers to the green bond market. Additionally, the newly structured Green Bond Training aims at discussing in detail the green bond issuance process and providing comprehensive information on the market’s size, key stakeholders, key investment themes, regional markets, among other key elements.

Specifically, participants in the Green Bond Training program can expect to acquire solid knowledge on the following:

  • Green bond market history, its development and the differences between different existing thematic labels
  • Main principles overarching the issuance of green bonds
  • Requirements for a green bond issuance (from inception to maturity)
  • Content and characteristics of a green bond framework
  • Actors involved in the green bond issuance process, their roles and responsibilities
  • Green bond labelling schemes, including CBI standard
  • Market dynamics
  • Role of regulation and key policy developments around the world.
  • CBI taxonomy and other classification systems
  • Green bond certification processes

Our event is a professional learning experience:

We are pleased to announce that our Climate Bonds' Green Bond Training has been independently evaluated for Continuing Professional Development purposes by The CPD Certification Service. Our training complies with universally accepted principles of Continual Professional Development (CPD) and has been structured to meet the criteria of personal development plans.


The sessions will be delivered using Zoom, Webex or Microsoft Teams

Video conferencing is required for all participants

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