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Capacity building is fully aligned with CBI’s mission. CBI has been committed to the global green finance agenda since its inception in 2009, and continues to play a pivotal role in mobilising global debt markets at scale towards climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience solutions. The main objective of our GBBC is to help prepare the community of key stakeholders whose organisations are active  or want to become active in the green bond verification process. The GBBC will provide participants with the knowledge and confidence necessary for them to play their role in scaling up the financing of low carbon, climate resilient assets and infrastructure in their country, region and globally.

To whom

GBBC is an intense learning experience for finance sector professionals who want to be part of the rapidly growing global green bond market. This includes fixed income, DCM, treasury and financing teams, asset managers and owners, portfolio construction and debt product staff, underwriter teams, local government, regulators and members of civil society organisations, as well as arrangers, legal advisors and verifiers.

What you will receive:

  • Learning sessions with 2 climate finance specialists in your region 
  • All training materials to keep on learning and revisit what you’ve learned at any time
  • Follow up tips and advice on options available for continued learning
  • A GBBC Certificate 

Expected outcomes:

  • A thorough overview of the green bond market history, basics and global developments 
  • An overview of key market dynamics (such as pricing, investor role/behaviour, the role of funds/indices, etc.)
  • Insights into the role of regulation and key policy developments around the world
  • An overview of internationally endorsed standards and definition frameworks for green, as well as relevant local variants
  • An introduction to the international CBI taxonomy and other taxonomies from EU, China, ASEAN, Japan, etc.
  • A good understanding of all key global green bond labelling schemes, including CBI certification, ASEAN standards, Chinese regulations and the proposed EU Green Bond Standard
  • Understanding the basics of the CBI process for international green bond certification and the expected process for robust labelling under regional frameworks.

Methodology and Format

A mix of structured theory, case studies, experience sharing, and practical exercises is used to enhance the learning experience and interactivity among participants in both of our current multi-language formats:

  • In-person: 1 full day
  • Online: 3 sessions of 2,5 hours each


Welcome and Introductions

  • Part One: Sustainable Finance and Green Bond basics
  • Part Two: Market dynamics, information and pricing
  • Part Three:  Labelling, reviews and certification
  • Part Four: Taxonomies, definitions and criteria
  • Part Five: Policies, incentives and market development

Team activities and role play exercise

Summary and wrap up

Technical Requirements for the Online version

The sessions will be delivered using Zoom, Webex or Microsoft Teams

Video conferencing is required for all participants


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