Sth Africa IDC issuing $700m green bond / WB does another $115m / China orders banks to assess enviro risks - Go China! / UK Chancellor urged to get serious / Enviro Bonds conf NYC 23 May: 25% off

> According to BusinessDay and Responsible Investor, South Africa’s state-owned Industrial Development Corporation is issuing a R5.2 billion green bond to finance clean energy projects. Expected return is 9%. R1bn of the bond was bought by the USD115bn South African Government Employees’ Pension Fund (GEPF).

Solar bonds: Israel Electric $500m + MidAmerican $700m 27 yr / US PACE Court win / Irish tax support for forest bonds / Env Bonds Conf on Wed London / Kiernan joins CB Adv Panel

Israel Electric Corporation has issued a $500 million bond in the US to buy solar energy capacity to replace gas from Egypt.

$3bn of 20yr wind bonds / Japan preferencing RE bonds (go Tokyo!) / Dark side of heroic EIB / Special 25% off Enviro Bonds Conf 15 Feb / US PACE bonds lifeline / Hear Kiernan raging / and more

> The European Investment Bank is a hero bank - it's the world's largest clean energy lender - but they have a dark side that uses cheap public money to build new coal-fired power stations. It's policy lunacy because it means the EU's bank is undercutting EU emissions reduction targets (let alone the world's).

Ecotricity £10m bond oversubscribed; innovative Melb EE scheme writes first loan; global EE retrofits outpace green new build for first time; upcoming talks

(In case you're wondering, EE means Energy Efficiency!)

> A £10 million bond issue by independent energy company Ecotricity has been oversubscribed by 62 per cent. The firm will leverage the money raised and use it to finance more wind farms, green gas and alternative energy projects. The bond pays 6 per cent, but Ecotricity customers receive an extra half a per cent. They key to success: having a happy retail customer base to market to, and of course doing it well.

$400m WB Green Bond purchase announced by Standards Board member Bill Lockyer

California State Treasurer (and Climate Bond Standards Board member) Bill Lockyer today announced the State has completed a deal to buy $400 million of World Bank green bonds.

Proceeds of bonds issued under the World Bank program finance renewable energy and other, non-nuclear, projects around the globe to fight climate change. The State will get a 0.51 percent yield on the two-year bonds - roughly double this week’s rate on two-year US Treasuries.