New $111m EIB climate bond / $100m Argentina solar bond coming soon / great Grantham blast in 'Nature'

The European Investment Bank (EIB) this week issued a 11 year Swedish Krona 750 million ($111 million) 'Climate Awareness Bond', with an interest rate of 2.75%.

Scandinavian investors took 51% of the bond, other European investors 22% and Asian 27%. Fund managers took 54%, bank treasuries 41%. Bookrunners were Danske Bank and HSBC.

Canada's Brookfield Renewable places 41yr (!) $176m Hydro bond / Another $146m WB Green Bonds into Uridashi market

> Canada's Brookfield Renewable issued a $176m bond to fund a new 45 MW hydroelectric project in British Columbia. Interest rate is 4.45%, fully amortizing over a term of, yes you read it right, 41 years. The bonds are rated A (low) with a stable trend by DBRS. Scotia Capital was the private placement agent.