Weekly update: More investors call for standards; Fannie Mae discount green loans multi-fam bldgs; DNB green bond $131.6m +OPIC $4.85m +Iowa $321.5m +MEI $286m

Transparency and standards were at the top of the agenda this week with Ceres INCR (a Climate Bonds Standard Board member) issuing a statement outlining investor expectations of green bonds, supported by 26 large investors.

Weekly update: Fantastisk Norge! Norway’s KBN issues Aaa $500m with its longest green tenor of 10yr +Oslo exchange goes live with green bond list requiring 2nd opinions / Indiana issues $100m for water projects

February is already a hectic month for green bonds with two large issuances this week from repeat issuer Norway’s KBN and the US State of Indiana.  As well as new green bonds there have been market developments with Oslo officially launching its green bond l

Weekly update: TerraForm Power Operating issues largest green bond of 2015 so far - US$800m - for wind and solar, and it’s high yield (5.875%, B1/BB-, 8-yr)

The major story this week is the huge high-yield green bond from the yieldco TerraForm Power Operating; seeing more high-yield bonds is a sign that the green bond market is continuing to mature. In addition to TerraForm, more green bonds from repeat issuers OPIC, World Bank, IFC and Credit Agricole have been announced and will be closing in the coming weeks. For today, let’s dig deeper into the latest green high-yield offering.

Weekly update: Supra’s continue to build market by providing liquidity + depth; EIB taps further EUR250m ($298m), 1.25%, AAA; World Bank issues INR348.5m ($5.7m) Uridashi green bonds, 4.2%, AAA, 5 yr

Before diving into the latest green bond offerings let’s not forget that green bonds were created because no challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change” (thanks to President Obama for the eloquent statement). Shifting capital to climate investments through green bonds is one way of addressing the challenge.

Weekly update: big retail investor demand for World Bank AAA 7yr green bond / Chicago & Mass AAA green water munis / 2 new solar climate bonds from China: LDK & United PV

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..... Supranational green bonds

Huge retail demand for World Bank’s latest offering increases size from $15m to $91m in 3 days, 7 yr tenor AAA