The Climate Bonds Standard is a screening tool for investors and governments which allows them to easily prioritize climate and green bonds with confidence that the funds are being used to deliver climate change solutions.



All Certified Climate Bonds have been checked by an approved verifier who has provided a formal assurance report. Assurance is an important part of the Climate Bond Standards & Certification Scheme, and is highly valued by investors and other participants in the green bond market.

The Assurance Framework for the Climate Bond Standard has been developed to enable:

  • Smooth and efficient assurance engagements
  • Greater confidence in the consistency of assurance outcomes across the different verifiers and amongst the various Certified Climate Bonds
  • Better understanding of what the bond issuer needs to do to be ready for the assurance engagement and what the verifier will be testing
  • Clarity on the relationship between the Climate Bond Standards Board and the verifiers

Verifiers providing assurance for Climate Bonds must be on the Climate Bond Standards Board’s list of Approved Verifiers

The issuer must engage the verifier and pay for the engagement. Arrangements between the issuer and verifier are under commercial terms.

The assurance report produced by the verifier must be sent to the Climate Bond Standards Board, but it is not mandatory for that report to be made public.  Any public release of assurance reports (or summary reports) is at the discretion of the issuer and the verifier, and should be considered in their commercial arrangements.

Verifiers must use existing auditing and assurance standards (such as ISAE3000 or ISRS4400) to develop their work plans and approaches.

The Climate Bonds Initiative will hold quarterly Assurance Roundtable discussions to provide a collaborative platform for Climate Bonds Approved Verifiers to share their experience as third party auditors under the Climate Bonds Standard.  The Roundtable represents a valuable opportunity to discuss the principles, approaches and practicalities for assurance under the Climate Bonds Standard & Certification Scheme. 



The Climate Bonds Standards Board approves Third Party Verifiers on the basis of their ability to demonstrate that they have the required competence to conduct the assurance process.  This competence may be in the form of previous activities for other climate change programmes or financial transactions.

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Approved verifiers include the "Big Four" professional services firms as well as specialist and other assurance providers.  

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Please direct your questions to or contact Rob Fowler (phone: +61 402 298 569) for further information.