• Opportunities for Sustainable Infrastructure Investments at City Level in Brazil

    This brief will be used to raise awareness across key infrastructure stakeholders in Brazil, and build a number of market education activities in the second semester of 2018.

    Once a potential project pipeline is identified, a wider report will be produced identifying market barriers and the detailed regulatory and policy recommendations to unlock investment potential.

  • Green Panda Bond Handbook

    China’s green bond market, with clear rules, active market players, and supportive investors and policymakers, offers a great opportunity for foreign green bond issuers.

  • Os títulos verdes podem financiar a agricultura brasileira?

    O Brasil é um dos principais produtores agrícolas do mundo, possuindo vários programas de financiamento para o setor, incluindo programas para agricultura de baixo carbono. No entanto, o uso de títulos verdes relacionados com o uso da terra tem se limitado a projetos sustentáveis para o setor florestal. Existem oportunidades para agricultura, mas é necessário um esforço para promover e apoiar este tipo de financiamento verde. A securitização de pequenos empréstimos e recebíveis pode ajudar a expansão do mercado.

  • Can green bonds finance Brazil’s agriculture?

    Brazil is a top agricultural producer and various financing programmes for agriculture and agribusiness have been introduced, including for low carbon agriculture. However, the use of green bonds has been limited to sustainable forestry and paper. Opportunities exist, but a more concerted effort in promoting and supporting green financing is required. Aggregation of small loans and receivables can help the market scale up.



    A semi-annual report assessing green bond pricing that commenced in January 2016 and is prepared on a joint basis with the International Finance Corporation (IFC). 

  • Green Bonds Market Summary - Q3 2018

    Q3 at a glance

    Green bonds in Q3 2018 totalled USD29.7bn, a 23% drop compared to Q3 2017. Looking at issuance for the three quarters of 2018 reveals a more reassuring trend, with USD108.3bn falling short of 2017 figures for the same period by less than 1%.

  • Creating Green Bond Markets – Insights, Innovations, and Tools from Emerging Markets

    The research was undertaken by IFC and the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) on behalf of the Sustainable Banking Network (SBN) Green Bond Working Group.

    The report draws on:

  • Bonds and Climate Change: The State of the Market 2018

    This report identifies a universe of USD1.45tn climate-aligned bonds:

    • 389bn in green bonds

    • 497bn in bonds from fully-aligned issuers

  • The Climate Bonds Taxonomy (English)

    The Climate Bonds Taxonomy is a guide to climate aligned assets and projects. It is a tool for issuers, investors, governments and municipalities to help them understand what the key investments are that will deliver a low carbon economy. 

  • The Climate Bonds Taxonomy (Chinese)

    The Climate Bonds Taxonomy is a guide to climate aligned assets and projects. It is a tool for issuers, investors, governments and municipalities to help them understand what the key investments are that will deliver a low carbon economy. 

  • Australia & New Zealand Green Finance Briefing

    The Australia and New Zealand Green Finance Country Briefing analyses green bond issuance to date in Australia and New Zealand. The report finds that 100% of issuances have received an external review with 85% Certified Climate Bonds, demonstrating best practice in the market.

  • Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities Australia and New Zealand

    Investing in green infrastructure helps Australia and New Zealand to reach their current climate targets and the potential ratchet up of international emissions goals. 

  • Green Securitisation: Unlocking finance for small-scale low carbon projects

    This Climate Bonds briefing focuses mainly on securitisation as a form of financial aggregation and explores how it has been used in the green bond market to date, as well as pointing to potential future developments.

  • India Country Briefing - July 2018

    Total Indian green bond issuance: USD6.5bn, 11th in global country rankings

    Green bond market growth expected from Energy, Transport and Building sectors as well as ABS. 

    Key takeaways:

  • Green Bonds Policy: Highlights from Q1-Q2 2018

    Public support for green bonds continues in the first half of 2018, with more sovereign green bonds, new national guidelines and incentives, green finance strategies under development and action from central banks.

    The policy team's roundp highlights the top 5 green bond policy developments in H1 2018:

  • Why making infrastructure climate-adapted and resilient will help meet the SDGs

    The second instalment in CBI’s briefing series that explores the synergies between climate change, green bonds and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    Climate change action will be critical to meet the full set of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a long-lasting manner.

  • July 2018: Can US municipals scale up green bond issuance? Likely, “yes”

    The Climate Bonds Initiative conducted a scoping exercise to identify potential US Muni green bond issuers by considering the upcoming bond maturities of climate-aligned municipal entities in the water, waste, transport, renewable energy and land use sectors, i.e. key sectors under the Climate Bonds Taxonomy.

  • Green Bonds Market Summary - H1 2018

    H1 at a glance

    Green bonds for the first half of 2018 came from 156 issuers and totalled USD74.6bn, representing a 4% increase versus H1 2017.

  • Green Bonds -A Bridge to the SDGs

    Climate mitigation and adaptation underpin meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Green bonds can serve as a bridge to achieving SDGs. Alongside the rapid growth of green bonds, new thematic bonds are appearing in the market.

  • Sustainable Land Bonds Report

    How governments can finance climate commitments and strengthen rural economies


  • Briefing: NYK Green Bond – green enough for now but not for long

    NYK issues first green bond from the shipping sector – green enough for now but not for long

  • Securitisation as an enabler of green asset finance in India

    Securitisation, which is the process of transforming a pool of financial assets (for example, mortgages or lease receivables) into tradable financial instruments, has great potential to mobilise institutional capital at scale.

  • Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market: October - December 2017

    Climate Bonds Initiative has released the fourth “Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market” report analysing the performance of green bonds issued in the period October-December 2017. This is the last quarterly report; future publications will be produced semi-annually.

  • The Green Bond Market in Europe

    The Green Bond Market in Europe

    The Climate Bonds Initiative just released a new report examining the latest green bond market developments in Europe both at a regional and country level.


    The Climate Bonds Initiative has launched the Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities (GIIO) Indonesia report at Indonesia's first ever Green Finance Summit at the Indonesian Stock Exchange in Jakarta today.

  • France Green Bond Market: Overview & Opportunities

    France Green Bond Market:  Overview & Opportunities

  • Green Bonds Market Summary - Q1 2018

    Green Bonds Market Summary - Q1 2018

    Green bond issuance kept a good pace in 2018’s first quarter with 71 green bonds coming from 52 issuers, totalling USD25.8bn.

  • Sovereign Green Bonds

    This Briefing is the latest in a new series of Climate Bonds publications analysing contemporary developments in the green bond market. The focus is on sovereigns, new issuers in the green bond space, and their key role in growing local markets and meeting national climate targets. 

  • Korea Climate Bond Market Overview and Opportunities

    Korea Climate Bond Market Overview and Opportunities

  • Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market: July - September 2017

    Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market: Climate Bonds Releases Third Report in Series

  • Green Bonds Policy: Highlights from 2017

    Our policy team's roundup of green bonds public sector actions over the past year and major developments expected in 2018.

    Top five green bond policy developments 2017:

  • The Green Bond Market in the Nordics

    The Climate Bonds Initiative just published their first report examining the Nordic green bond market. It covers Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and was commissioned by Handelsbanken.

  • Nordic and Baltic Public Sector Green Bonds

    The Climate Bonds Initiative has published a comprehensive study on the Nordic and Baltic Public Sector Green Bonds, exploring the contribution of sub-national public sector entities to green finance in selected Northern European countries. The study was conducted with the support of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

  • China Green Bond Market 2017

    The Climate Bonds Initiative and the China Central Depository & Clearing Co. Ltd (CCDC) just published their China Green Bond Market 2017 report, supported by HSBC. This is the second annual flagship publication reviewing China’s progress on green bond issuance, policy development and market growth.

  • Green Bond Highlights 2017

    Green Bond Highlights 2017



    Climate Bonds Initiative final analysis of annual green bond issuance for 2017 shows a December 31st tally of USD155.5bn, a new global record, up 78% on the adjusted 2016 figure of USD87.2bn and well over our USD130bn estimate for the year.  ​

    Download the full report here.