• Facilitating Cross-Border Capital Flows to Grow China's Green Bond Market

    This ground breaking new report explores the challenges of increasing inter-country capital flows into China’s green bond market and puts forward potential measures and solutions to facilitate and improve capital flows to support the expansion of green investment and the green bond market.

  • Bonds and Climate Change: Canada Report 2017

    The Canada Edition marks specific highlights and emerging trends from the current year, and identifies opportunities for developing the green bond market.

  • Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market: April - June 2017

    Our Quarterly comparison between the behaviour of selected green and vanilla bonds in the primary market continues. The data sample expands further with the second report of the Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market series. 

  • Green Bonds Market Summary - Q3 2017

    The green bond market has kept its strong pace in Q3 2017. On September 28th, the total amount of green bonds issued in 2017 ytd (USD83.2bn) overtook last year’s total issuance of USD81.6bn.

  • Brazil Edition: Bonds & Climate Change: The State of the Market 2017

    The State of the Market 2017 Brazil Edition 

    The Brazilian labelled green bonds market has now reached $3.67bn thanks to national companies. From the inaugural issuance by BRF in June 2015 to September 2017, nine labelled Brazilian green bonds have been issued, five of them in the international market.

  • Edição Brasil: Títulos de Dívida & Mudanças Climáticas - Análise de Mercado 2017

    O mercado brasileiro de títulos verdes já ultrapassou 11 bilhões de reais emitidos por empresas nacionais, desde junho de 2015 (quando a BRF inaugurou este mercado) até setembro de 2017, foram emitidos 9 títulos verdes brasileiros, cinco deles no mercado internacional.

  • Bonds and Climate Change: State of the Market 2017

    The ‘Bonds and Climate Change: State of the Market 2017’ report is an in-depth analysis of the climate-aligned and labelled green bond markets.

  • Themenpapiere auf Deutsch

    Climate Bonds präsentiert eine Auswahl deutscher Versionen der kurzen Themenpapiere, die wir auf unserer Jahreskonferenz 2017 vorgestellt haben. 

  • Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market: Jan/2016 - March/2017

    Anecdotal evidence has suggested that green bonds are heavily oversubscribed and may price tighter than expected. This report explores the data to discover whether or not this is happening.

  • Green Bond Policy Q1&Q2 2017 Highlights

    From our policy team a look at the first half of 2017, including public sector issuance, regulator moves, and new market incentives.

  • Green Bonds Mid-Year Summary 2017

    Climate Bonds looks at the last six months numbers, the trends and our tips for the rest of 2017.

  • Post Issuance Reporting in the Green Bond Market-Trends & Best Practice June 2017

    This is Climate Bonds Initiative’s first study on post-issuance reporting of green bonds. The aim is to follow up on post-issuance reporting by green bond issuers to see how thoroughly they are reporting on green bond allocation and projects.

  • The Role of Exchanges in Accelerating the Growth of the Green Bond Market

    The Role of Exchanges in Accelerating the Growth of Green Bond Market was launched jointly with Luxembourg Green Exchange on 18 May 2017.

  • Auf Deutsch: Deutsche Green Bonds - Update und Chancen

    Die Climate Bonds Initiative hat in Zusammenarbeit mit der Deutsche Börse Group einen neuen Report veröffentlicht, der den wachsenden deutschen Green Bond Markt analysiert.
    Aktuell ist der deutsche Markt der viertgrößte Emittent von Green Bonds weltweit nach China und der zweitgrößte in Europa nach Frankreich.

  • German Green Bonds Market: 2017 Update

    Climate Bonds and Deutsche Börse: German Green Bonds - Update & Opportunties (May 2017)

  • Bonds and Climate Change – State of the Market 2017 India Update

    This is the April 2017 Update of the June 2016 publication of the Bonds and Climate Change 2016: India Edition. India remains in the top 10 of labelled green bonds issuance, with a total of USD 3.2bn issued as of April 2017. Indian issuers also continue to be a world example of best practice, with an increasing number of bonds being Certified under the Climate Bonds Standard.

  • Public sector agenda for stimulating private market development in green securitisation in Europe

    Scaling up investment in low-carbon infrastructure is of paramount importance for limiting global warming to 2°C and for the EU to meet its 2030 emissions targets. The annual global investment required for infrastructure in a low-carbon scenario amounts to trillions of euros; this is not being met.

    This paper examines the role that green securitisation could play in plugging this gap.

  • Study of China's Local Government Policy Instruments for Green Bonds

    This report is jointly released by SynTao Green Finance and Climate Bonds Initiative at China's Green Finance Committee Annual Conference in April 2017. It provides an overview of local government policy instruments for developing green bond market in China with further recommendations. 

  • Green Bond Pricing in the Primary Market: Q4 2016

    Initial findings indicate that there is over-subscription and tighter pricing of USD and EUR denominated green bonds in the primary market.

  • 2017 Annual Conference: Briefing Papers

    For this years Climate Bonds 2017 Annual Conference, we produced a number of briefing papers on issues we think are critical to unlocking the full potential of the global green bond market:


  • China Green Bond Market 2016

     This report, which was produced jointly by Climate Bonds and China Central Depository & Clearing Co. Ltd. (CCDC), provides a detailed analysis of the:

    • Characteristics of the domestic green bond market in China, according to green definitions from both the PBOC’s Green Bond Endorsed Project Catalogue and the international Climate Bonds Taxonomy (with charts)
    • Growing role of corporate issuers and diversity of bond structure, for example green ABS and green covered bond
    • Green bond market infrastructure and verification tools available
    • Major policy developments of the last year, from the launch of the PBOC’s announcement on green bond guidelines in December 15 to the establishment of the G20 Green Finance Study Group (GFSG)


  • China Green Bond Market 2016

    This report, which was produced jointly by Climate Bonds and China Central Depository & Clearing Co. Ltd. (CCDC).

  • Green Bonds Policy: Highlights

    Our policy team's roundup of  green bonds public sector action over the past year and major developments we look forward to seeing in 2017.

  • Green Bonds Highlights 2016

    2016 has shown how far the market has developed, with annual issuance aligned with international definitions reaching a record USD81bn, equivalent to approximately USD9.2m raised every hour.