2023 Releases

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06-Dec-2023 Transição Sustentável do Brasil: Pioneirismo das Finanças Sustentáveis para Agricultura de Baixo Carbono
05-Dec-2023 Green Bonds Hit Lifetime Total of $2.5Trn
04-Dec-2023 Brazil's Green Transition: Pioneering Sustainable Finance for Low-Carbon Agriculture
24-Nov-2023 Emissão de títulos verdes, sociais e de sustentabilidade aumenta 160% na América Latina e Caribe
22-Nov-2023 New guide on financing the climate transition through bonds available for companie
09-Nov-2023 Oportunidades de investimento no setor agroalimentar no Brasil
09-Nov-2023 Investment Opportunities in the Agri-food Sector in Brazil
08-Nov-2023 Climate Bonds’ Global CONNECT 2023 Conference Unites Market and Policy Leaders to Catalyse Climate Transition
07-Nov-2023 High level consensus found across corporate transition finance frameworks
25-Oct-2023 Climate Bonds Initiative y la Bolsa de Valores Guayaquil (BVG) firman alianza para desarrollar las finanzas sostenibles en Ecuador
19-Oct-2023 Carbon4 Finance becomes a Climate Bonds Partner
12-Oct-2023 Concordiste Strategic Consulting Joins the Growing List of Verifiers under the Global Climate Bonds Standard
11-Oct-2023 Man Group becomes a Climate Bonds Partner
10-Oct-2023 Arup becomes first engineering firm approved to verify green bonds in Asia Pacific
05-Oct-2023 JGP Consultoria se convierte en Verificador Aprobado bajo el Climate Bonds Standard para la Región de América Latina, el Caribe y África
05-Oct-2023 Climate Bonds Standard anuncia JGP Consultoria, uma das principais consultorias ASG, como Verificadora Aprovada para América Latina, Caribe e África
05-Oct-2023 JGP Consultoria Becomes Approved Verifier under the Climate Bonds Standard for the LAC Region
04-Oct-2023 First Green Bond Issued in Cyprus Achieves Certification for Best Practice Standards
01-Oct-2023 Climate Bonds Releases Policy Guidance for Financing Japan’s Transition
28-Sep-2023 Safeguarding Forests: Climate Bonds Initiative Unveils Guidance EU Regulation on Deforestation-Free Products
21-Sep-2023 32% dos Títulos Verdes obtiveram um Greenium na primeira metade de 2023
21-Sep-2023 Climate Bonds Initiative y la Bolsa de Valores Quito (BVQ) se unen para impulsar las finanzas sostenibles em Ecuador
21-Sep-2023 El 32% de los bonos verdes alcanzó un “greenium” en el primer semestre de 2023
21-Sep-2023 New Study Reveals Expanded Role of CFOs in Driving Climate Transition
20-Sep-2023 Ambição, Ação e Responsabilidade: Climate Bonds lança Guia para avaliar a credibilidade de planos de Transição
20-Sep-2023 Ambición, acción y rendición de cuentas son los tres pilares de la guía para evaluar planes de transición creíbles.
20-Sep-2023 Ambition, Action and Accountability Lay the Triple Pillars of Guidance Released to Assess Credible Transition Plans
19-Sep-2023 32% of Green Bonds Achieved a Greenium in the First Half of 2023
05-Sep-2023 Kestrel to be First US-Based Approved Verifier for Green Company/Green Issuer Certification
16-Aug-2023 ISS Corporate Solutions to be First Approved Verifier for Green Company Certification
15-Aug-2023 Green and other labelled finance markets hit $4Trillion mark
02-Aug-2023 Global First for Low Carbon Steel Manufacturing as Hybar issues USD330m Certified Climate Bonds
18-Jul-2023 Derribando barreras para un futuro más sostenible: Climate Bonds Connect 2023 llega a Colombia
18-Jul-2023 Climate Bonds CONNECT 2023 lands in Colombia
16-Jul-2023 Tendiendo puentes para la acción climática: Un estudio comparativo allana el camino para la colaboración entre Colombia y la Unión Europea
16-Jul-2023 Building bridges for climate action: Comparative Study paves the way for collaboration between Colombia and the European Union
04-Jul-2023 QIC and Vector secures A$1.6bn Climate Bonds Certified green loan for Vector Metering acquisition and green capex
20-Jun-2023 UNDRR and Climate Bonds begin an ambitious journey into climate resilience finance
09-Jun-2023 Hong Kong is determined to cement its position as a green and sustainable finance hub while addressing the city’s own climate agenda
09-Jun-2023 China is off to spur the transition debt market
09-Jun-2023 中国转型类债券市场蓄势待发
08-Jun-2023 Empowering Emerging Economies: Central Banks Take Charge in Managing Climate Risks
04-May-2023 ASEAN Green and other labelled bond market contracted 32% YOY in 2022, despite sovereign support
03-May-2023 Mercado Sostenible Colombiano alcanza USD2.400m en emisiones de VSS+
03-May-2023 Colombian Sustainable Market reaches USD2.4bn in GSS+ issuances
27-Apr-2023 Research Shows How AIIB-Amundi Climate Change Investment Framework Can Guide Investors
19-Apr-2023 Títulos verdes e outros títulos rotulados combateram a inflação para acumular US$ 858.5 bilhões em 2022
18-Apr-2023 Green and Other Labelled Bonds Fought Inflation to amass USD858.5bn Volume in 2022
13-Apr-2023 A major step forward for financial markets as new Certification Scheme launched for Entities, Assets and Sustainability-Linked Debt
05-Apr-2023 Mercado sustentável no Brasil: como orientar investidores, governos e administradores de ativos
05-Apr-2023 Brazil sustainable market: how-to guide target investors, governments, and asset managers
04-Apr-2023 San Francisco to Finance Sustainable Sewer Upgrades with Climate Bonds Sale
28-Mar-2023 气候债券倡议组织欢迎兴业研究公司加入其气候债券合作伙伴计划
28-Mar-2023 Climate Bonds Initiative welcomes CIB Research to its partnership programme
16-Mar-2023 Green Bond Label Helped Deals Over the Line in Volatile 2022
16-Feb-2023 Climate Bonds Initiative が「Financing Credible Transitions」ペーパーの
16-Feb-2023 Climate Bonds Initiative announces Japanese version of 'Financing Credible Transitions' paper
31-Jan-2023 Green and other Labelled Bonds Held Market Share in 2022 Amidst Fall of Global Fixed-Income
24-Jan-2023 气候债券倡议组织与万得开启战略合作,助力可持续金融市场发展 气候债券倡议组织(CBI)与万得(Wind)近日宣布达成战略合作,并签署了谅解备忘录(MoU)。
18-Jan-2023 Report: ASEAN Companies Must Be More Transparent on Transition Plans
10-Jan-2023 Wind joins Climate Bonds Initiative as strategic partner to empower China's bond issuers and investors
09-Jan-2023 Climate Bonds Initiative and the CFA Society United Kingdom join forces to increase awareness around the sustainable finance agenda