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9 useful facts about the global bond market

(Apologies for the double post. This is the correct one)


1. The total size of the global debt securities market is (drum roll): $78 trillion … not the previously reported $100 trillion

If you’re thinking that figure looks odd, you’re right, this is some $20 trillion less than last reported – but it’s just change in counting methodology, not some sort of calamitous drop in the bond market.

Korean Exp-Imp Bank $500m Green Bond: way-oversubscribed, 95bps over UST. Bingo & bravo!

As reported yesterday, the Export-Import Bank of Korea (Kexim) has issued its first “green” or climate friendly bond - $500m in size, 5 year tenor, coupon 1.75%. This is the first benchmark-sized bond marketed as a green bond outside the multi-lateral development banks. A big step forward and a big contribution from Korea, the standard-bearer of Green Growth Government.