Investor Statements on Green & Climate Bonds

Investors around the world are getting increasingly serious about the need to confront the financial risks posed by climate change, and they see green bonds as a key mechanism through which they can finance solutions to climate change while also meeting their fixed income yield and risk requirements.

Since 2014, there have been numerous investor statements supporting the growth of the green bond market:

Mexico Green Bonds Investor Statement

MXN4.04 trillion AUM

31 May 2017


Brazil Investor Statement, 2017

BRL 1.80 AUM

April 2017


Brazil Investor Statement, 2016

BRL1.61 trillion AUM

21 October 2016


The Paris Green Bonds Statement

USD11.2 trillion AUM

9 December 2015


Investor Statement re: Green Bonds & Climate Bonds

USD2.62 trillion AUM

15 December 2014


Through these statements the following investors have affirmed their support of the green bond market: