Transition Finance Series - Latin & Central America

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May 12, 2021

Transitioning to a zero-carbon economy remains one of the greatest challenges facing the planet, critical to ensuring we hit international targets to tackle climate change and save the natural world from irreversable degradation.

Finance has a huge role to play in this challenge. The green label is well-established and is the foundation of a climate-concious market that has been soaring in recent years. However, a serious-shot at transtition of a global economy will require efforts from all sectors, and the green label alone leaves the sustainable debt market too exclusive. Finance needs to also target higher-emmission sectors that can be steered into a green future. 

Climate Bonds Inititiative has been working to cultivate principles for a transition market since the release of the Financing Credible Transition Paper in September 2020. Reaching clear definitions on Transition Finance that are ambitious, inclusive and felxible will mobilise finance to support the campaign for a net-zero future in accordance with international targets. 

In Brazil, the effects of climate change and the risks associated  rise in global temperatures are significant: rising sea levels, increased frequency and severity of storms as well as droughts, wildfires and changes in agricultural patterns and yields.

Mobilising transition finance can tackle the challenges that lay ahead for the country, as it is tasked with reaching it's international climate targets. 

Join us for an insightful discussion with guest speakers on the opportunity that Transition Finance poses for a sustainable future!

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Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI)
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