Labelled Green Bonds Data: Latest 3 Months

Labelled green bonds are bonds that earmark proceeds for climate or environmental projects and have been labelled as ‘green’ by the issuer. The Climate Bonds Initiative has been tracking the green labelled market since 2009. Information on the growth of the market is provided in our regular Market blogs and various country, regional and thematic reports, including our annual State of the Market report.

Please note the following points about the data:

  • The purpose of this database is to track all self-labelled green bonds, subject to screening criteria explained in CBI Green Bond Database Methodology. All data is collected by the Climate Bonds Initiative and is filtered to include only:

1. bonds with at least 95% use of proceeds financing or refinancing green/environmental projects - social bonds are not included

2. bonds which are broadly aligned with the Climate Bonds Taxonomy. This means that, for example, bonds financing so-called "clean coal" are excluded.

  • External review documents (such as second party opinions) are listed when publicly available, on a best efforts basis.
  • More analysis on new issuers is available in our Market blog and our online bond library.
  • Data is updated periodically and is therefore not live data.

Additional data points including identifiers are available through to Climate Bonds Partners through the Partner Zone of the website. Learn more about becoming a Climate Bonds Partner.

For any other queries on the data provided, please visit the Data Requests page and complete the relevant form.

Name CBI Certified Amount Issued Currency Issue Date Maturity External Review Blog
NRW.BANK 500,000,000 EUR Feb-20 Feb-30 ISS-oekom
Societe du Grand Paris Sustainalytics 2,500,000,000 EUR Feb-20 Feb-70
Vasakronan 200,000,000 NOK Feb-20 Jun-25 CICERO
Province of Ontario 500,000,000 CAD Feb-20 Feb-27 CICERO
EBRD 925,000,000 USD Feb-20 Feb-25 CICERO
Japan Finance Organization for Municipalities 500,000,000 EUR Feb-20 Feb-27 Vigeo Eiris
Vasakronan 200,000,000 NOK Feb-20 Mar-20 CICERO
Santander Consumer Bank Sustainalytics 1,000,000,000 SEK Feb-20 May-23
ADIF Alta Velocidad 600,000,000 EUR Feb-20 Apr-30 CICERO
KfW 400,000,000 HKD Feb-20 Feb-21 CICERO
Telia Co 500,000,000 EUR Feb-20 Nov-81 Sustainalytics
Goldman Sachs Sustainalytics 500,000,000 USD Feb-20 Dec-44
Republic of France 1,982,000,000 EUR Feb-20 Jun-39 Vigeo Eiris
MunchenerHyp 240,000,000 CHF Feb-20 Dec-25 ISS-oekom
Vasakronan 300,000,000 NOK Feb-20 Mar-20 CICERO
Vasakronan 450,000,000 NOK Feb-20 Jan-27 CICERO
Arthaland 3,000,000,000 PHP Feb-20 Feb-25 Vigeo Eiris
Bankinter 750,000,000 EUR Feb-20 Oct-27 Sustainalytics
Prologis 550,000,000 EUR Feb-20 Feb-28 Sustainalytics
River Green Finance 2020 DAC 196,200,000 EUR Feb-20 Jan-32 Sustainalytics
Telefonica 500,000,000 EUR Feb-20 Sustainalytics
Rikshem 800,000,000 SEK Feb-20 Feb-25 CICERO
LBBW 500,000,000 GBP Feb-20 Feb-25 ISS-oekom
Dream Private REIT 2,000,000,000 JPY Jan-20 Jan-23 JCRA
AEON Financial Services 5,874,734,105 JPY Jan-20 Jan-41 JCR
Ellaktor Group ISS-oekom 70,000,000 EUR Jan-20 Dec-24
Orix 10,000,000,000 JPY Jan-20 Jan-25
ADB 40,000,000 EUR Jan-20 Jan-53 CICERO
Raiffeisen Bank International 1,500,000,000 RUB Jan-20 Jan-23 Sustainalytics
SBB 350,000,000 SEK Jan-20 Jan-27 CICERO, S&P Global Ratings
Vasakronan 200,000,000 NOK Jan-20 Jan-27 CICERO
Renew Power Emergent Ventures 450,000,000 USD Jan-20 Mar-27
Republic of Chile Vigeo Eiris 693,685,000 EUR Jan-20 Jul-31
National Grid 85,000,000 USD Jan-20 Jan-31 DNV GL
Republic of Chile Vigeo Eiris 1,269,017,000 EUR Jan-20 Jan-40
KBN 100,000,000 USD Jan-20 Nov-25 CICERO
Vasakronan 200,000,000 SEK Jan-20 Jan-25 CICERO
Nord/LB 300,000,000 EUR Jan-20 Jan-25 Sustainalytics
IFC 10,000,000 USD Jan-20 Jan-25 CICERO
Republic of Chile Vigeo Eiris 900,000,000 USD Jan-20 Jan-50
Republic of Chile Vigeo Eiris 750,000,000 USD Jan-20 Jan-32
IFC 100,000,000 BRL Jan-20 Jan-23 CICERO
Vasakronan 700,000,000 NOK Jan-20 Jan-27 CICERO
Queensland Treasury Corporation DNV GL 200,000,000 AUD Jan-20 Mar-29
Red Eléctrica 700,000,000 EUR Jan-20 Jul-28 Sustainalytics
Ferde 2,000,000,000 NOK Jan-20 Sep-24 CICERO
Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corp 10,000,000,000 JPY Jan-20 Jan-25 JCRA
Kungsleden AB 300,000,000 SEK Jan-20 Jan-26 CICERO
EIB 500,000,000 CAD Jan-20 Jan-25
CPI Property Group 350,000,000 GBP Jan-20 Jan-28 Sustainalytics
EIB 500,000,000 CAD Jan-20 Jan-25
Vasakronan 250,000,000 SEK Jan-20 Jan-27 CICERO
EIB 500,000,000 CAD Jan-20 Jan-25
Vasakronan 250,000,000 SEK Jan-20 Jan-27 CICERO
Ghelamco Group 20,000,000 EUR Jan-20 Jan-27 Sustainalytics
Klabin 200,000,000 USD Jan-20 Apr-49 Sustainalytics
BKK 1,200,000,000 NOK Jan-20 Jan-27 CICERO
Jiangsu Communications Holding Co.,Ltd 300,000,000 CNY Jan-20 Jan-25
NWB Bank 500,000,000 SEK Jan-20 Jan-23 CICERO
Japan Housing Finance Agency 10,000,000,000 JPY Jan-20 Jan-40
National Grid 500,000,000 EUR Jan-20 Jan-25 DNV GL
EDP 750,000,000 EUR Jan-20 Jul-80 Sustainalytics
Ditigal 1,400,000,000 EUR Jan-20 Mar-30 Sustainalytics
E.ON 1,000,000,000 EUR Jan-20 Sep-27 Sustainalytics
Region Skane 1,200,000,000 SEK Jan-20 Jan-25 CICERO
China Longyuan Power Group 713,000,000 CNY Jan-20 May-22
ADB 300,000,000 HKD Jan-20 Jan-21 CICERO
VPBank 70,833,333 USD Jan-20 Jan-25
KfW 2,000,000,000 NOK Jan-20 Aug-23 CICERO
KfW 500,000,000 PLN Jan-20 Jan-22 CICERO
New York MTA Sustainalytics 924,750,000 USD Jan-20 Nov-54
Public Utilities Commission Of The City And County Of San Francisco 622,580,000 USD Jan-20 Nov-43
State Power Investment Corporation limited 2,556,000,000 CNY Dec-19 Nov-22 igreenbank
State Power Shanxi New Energy Development 405,000,000 CNY Dec-19 Dec-22 The iGreenBank
Acciona 123,600,000 EUR Dec-19 Oct-21 Sustainalytics
State Power Investment Corporation limited 2,691,000,000 CNY Dec-19 Dec-22 igreenbank
Credit Agricole CIB 70,000,000 MXN Dec-19 Dec-23 Vigeo Eiris
Guodian Ningxia New Energy Development 560,000,000 CNY Dec-19 Dec-22 The iGreenBank
Guodian Power Hebei New Energy Development 277,000,000 CNY Dec-19 Dec-22 The iGreenBank
Guodian and Wind Power Development Co., Ltd 560,000,000 CNY Dec-19 Dec-22 igreenbank
City Of El Dorado 9,915,000 USD Dec-19 Oct-32 BAM GreenStar
Zhejiang Changxing Rural Commercial Bank 300,000,000 CNY Dec-19 Dec-22
Alupar 530,000,000 BRL Dec-19 Dec-44 Sitawi
HECIC New-Energy Co.,Ltd 300,000,000 CNY Dec-19 Sep-22
Ningbo Beilun Public Traffic 615,000,000 CNY Dec-19 Dec-29 Shanghai Brilliance Credit Rating
Tongren Jiaotong Group Public Transportation 220,000,000 CNY Dec-19 Dec-20
Washington Suburban Sanitary District 53,880,000 USD Dec-19 Jun-49 S&P Global Ratings
Hang Lung Properties 1,000,000,000 HKD Dec-19
Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane (SSF) 500,000,000 NOK Dec-19 Jun-30 Sustainalytics
The Metropolitan Government Of Lynchburg, Moore County 3,292,000 USD Dec-19 Jun-44 BAM GreenStar
Banco Pichincha 150,000,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-24
Nexity 240,000,000 EUR Dec-19 Dec-27 Vigeo EIRIS
BBVA 50,000,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-24 Vigeo Eiris
Huzhou Municipal Construction Investment Group 520,000,000 CNY Dec-19 Dec-24 China Bond Rating
California Infrastructure And Economic Development Bank (CalSTRS) Kestrel Verifiers 272,605,000 USD Dec-19 Aug-49
Alerion Clean Power 200,000,000 EUR Dec-19 Dec-25 DNV-GL
City of Richland 3,145,000 USD Dec-19 Nov-33 BAM GreenStar
Fana Sparebank 300,000,000 NOK Dec-19 Sep-24 CICERO
Genex Power DNV-GL 175,000,000 AUD Dec-19 Dec-39
Renewable Japan 6,920,000,000 JPY Dec-19 Feb-40 R&I (Japan)
NY State HFA Sustainalytics 393,755,000 USD Dec-19 Nov-24
Genex Power 17,000,000 AUD Dec-19 Dec-39
CapitaLand Limited 10,000,000,000 JPY Dec-19 Nov-27
Taiwan Power 5,850,000,000 TWD Dec-19 Dec-29
Welltower 500,000,000 USD Dec-19 Feb-27 Sustainalytics
Sagax AB 750,000,000 SEK Dec-19 Jun-23 CICERO
Bank of Nogoya 10,000,000,000 JPY Dec-19 Dec-29 Sustainalytics
Tess Engineering 8,000,000,000 JPY Dec-19 Jul-40 R&I (Japan)
Humlegarden Fastigheter 250,000,000 SEK Dec-19 Dec-22 CICERO
Shimizu Corporation 10,000,000,000 JPY Dec-19 Dec-24 R&I (Japan)
ITOCHU Advance Logistics Investment Corporation 1,500,000,000 JPY Dec-19 Dec-24 JCR
Ellaktor Group ISS-oekom 600,000,000 EUR Dec-19 Dec-24
City of Santa Cruz 20,925,000 USD Dec-19 Jan-49
Wuhan Metro 1,000,000,000 CNY Dec-19 Dec-34
Seibu Holdings 10,000,000,000 JPY Dec-19 Dec-29 JCR
Norske Tog As 900,000,000 NOK Dec-19 Dec-29 CICERO
Clearway Energy Operating 600,000,000 USD Dec-19 Mar-28 Sustainalytics
Humlegarden Fastigheter 500,000,000 SEK Dec-19 Jan-22 CICERO
Norske Tog As 400,000,000 NOK Dec-19 Mar-25 CICERO
WB (IBRD) 40,000,000 MXN Dec-19 Dec-24 CICERO
SNCF Sustainalytics 528,000,000 EUR Dec-19
CPPIB 500,000,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-20 CICERO
Orsted 600,000,000 EUR Dec-19 Dec-19 CICERO
Credit Agricole CIB 1,250,000,000 EUR Dec-19 Dec-29 Vigeo Eiris
AEON REIT Investment Corp 1,200,000,000 JPY Dec-19 Dec-29 JCR
Swiss Life 550,000,000 CHF Dec-19 Mar-29 Sustainalytics
Hyundai Capital Services 130,000,000,000 KRW Dec-19 Dec-22
Kungsleden AB 200,000,000 SEK Dec-19 Dec-24 CICERO
Fastighets AB Balder 1,300,000,000 SEK Dec-19 Dec-24 CICERO
Kungsleden AB 200,000,000 SEK Dec-19 Dec-24 CICERO
Jiangxi Provincial Water Conservancy Investment 300,000,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-22 0
City of Portland 58,450,000 USD Dec-19 Jan-40 S&P Global Ratings
Stockton Public Financing Authority 54,785,000 USD Dec-19 Oct-40 BAM GreenStar
NorgesGruppen 500,000,000 NOK Dec-19 Mar-25 CICERO
BNP Paribas 750,000,000 EUR Dec-19 Jun-26 ISS-oekom
Keppel Reit 150,000,000 SGD Dec-19
Zhuhai Huafa Comprehensive Development 500,000,000 CNY Dec-19 Dec-24 Lianhe EQ (China)
WB (IBRD) 3,000,000,000 DKK Dec-19 Nov-39 CICERO
Ayala Corporation 400,000,000 USD Dec-19 Sustainalytics
Intesa Sanpaolo 750,000,000 EUR Dec-19 Dec-24 ISS-oekom
KBN 1,000,000,000 SEK Dec-19 Aug-26 CICERO
PKO Bank Sustainalytics 250,000,000 PLN Dec-19 Dec-24 Sustainalytics
Fannie Mae 38,250,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-29 CICERO
Fannie Mae 336,258,000 USD Dec-19 Jan-30 CICERO
Fannie Mae 58,960,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-31 CICERO
Fannie Mae 37,150,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-31 CICERO
Fannie Mae 22,425,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-29 CICERO
Fannie Mae 18,318,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-31 CICERO
Fannie Mae 74,000,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-35 CICERO
Fannie Mae 12,831,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-34 CICERO
Fannie Mae 1,155,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-31 CICERO
Fannie Mae 3,920,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-29 CICERO
Fannie Mae 29,026,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-29 CICERO
Fannie Mae 6,175,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-34 CICERO
Fannie Mae 39,149,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-29 CICERO
Fannie Mae 8,240,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-31 CICERO
Fannie Mae 11,500,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-31 CICERO
Fannie Mae 35,535,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-29 CICERO
Fannie Mae 9,820,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-31 CICERO
Fannie Mae 28,665,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-29 CICERO
Fannie Mae 34,905,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-29 CICERO
Fannie Mae 3,825,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-29 CICERO
Fannie Mae 7,462,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-31 CICERO
Fannie Mae 43,725,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-31 CICERO
Fannie Mae 11,850,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-26 CICERO
Fannie Mae 2,000,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-29 CICERO
Fannie Mae 2,400,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-29 CICERO
Fannie Mae 3,000,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-29 CICERO
Fannie Mae 26,372,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-29 CICERO
Fannie Mae 9,200,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-31 CICERO
Fannie Mae 8,675,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-29 CICERO
Fannie Mae 15,643,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-34 CICERO
Fannie Mae 11,979,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-31 CICERO
Fannie Mae 62,846,000 USD Dec-19 Jan-30 CICERO
Fannie Mae 24,223,700 USD Dec-19 Dec-34 CICERO
Fannie Mae 7,468,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-31 CICERO
Fannie Mae 16,655,000 USD Dec-19 Dec-34 CICERO
Cosco Shipping Leasing Co.,Ltd. 789,780,000 CNY Nov-19 Jul-22
China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group 2,000,000,000 CNY Nov-19 Nov-24
Renewable Japan 3,100,000,000 JPY Nov-19 Feb-41 R&I (Japan)
Shizen Energy 300,000,000 JPY Nov-19 Nov-22 JCR
Taiwan Cooperative Bank 1,000,000,000 TWD Nov-19 Nov-22 No_Assurance
JRTT DNV GL 20,000,000,000 JPY Nov-19 Nov-29
Canton of Geneva 660,000,000 CHF Nov-19 Nov-39
FlexiGroup DNV GL 102,820,000 AUD Nov-19 Apr-51
Islamic Development Bank 1,000,000,000 EUR Nov-19 Nov-24 CICERO
Qingdao International Shipping Building Management 1,900,000,000 CNY Nov-19 Jul-37 0
CNP Assurances 750,000,000 EUR Nov-19 Jul-50 Vigeo EIRIS
City of Gothenburg 2,000,000,000 SEK Nov-19 Nov-25 CICERO
Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Invest Co 800,000,000 CNY Nov-19 Nov-21
Province of Ontario 750,000,000 CAD Nov-19 Feb-25 CICERO
GLP J-REIT 5,000,000,000 JPY Nov-19 Nov-29 JCR
Duke Energy 700,000,000 USD Nov-19 Dec-29
Dormitory Authority Of The State Of New York 73,285,000 USD Nov-19 Jul-50
Ceetrus 300,000,000 EUR Nov-19 Nov-26 Vigeo EIRIS
Gunma Bank 10,000,000,000 JPY Nov-19 Nov-29 Sustainalytics
Source: Climate Bonds, Bloomberg, Refinitiv EIKON, WIND, corporate websites and other information sources.

Climate Bonds Initiative gathers more data than listed here. The wider data set is only available to Climate Bonds Partners. This additional data includes issuer type (sovereign, local government, financial corporate, etc) and summary use of proceeds. For more details check out the partner section of the website.