Jun 26, 2018 »
Da Nang: Sean Kidney speaks at Global Environmental Facility Forum Assembly
Jun 27, 2018 »
Buenos Aires: Justine Leigh-Bell speaks at LAC Sustainable Infrastructure Investment Roundtable Series
Jul 2, 2018 »
Milan: Serena Vento & Matteo Bigoni run a workshop on Green Bonds at Borsa Italiana's Sustainability Day
Jul 5, 2018 »
Singapore: Rob Fowler presents a panel at Asian Sustainable & Positive Impact Finance 2018 Conference (Societe Generale)

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Jun 21, 2018 »
Munich: Sean Kidney moderates Panel at International Solar Alliance Forum
Jun 21, 2018 »
London: Karthik Iyer speaks at the CISI Bond Forum on “Green Bonds and Ethical Investing”
Jun 20, 2018 »
Amsterdam: Manuel Adamini speaks and moderates session on climate risk and green bonds at Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit
Jun 20, 2018 »
São Paulo: Thatyanne Gasparotto & Justine Leigh-Bell speak at GRI PPPs & Concessions in Municipalities 2018
Jun 19, 2018 »
London: Manuel Adamini speaks at The Global Borrowers & Bond Investors Forum 2018
Jun 19, 2018 »
Copenhagen: Sean Kidney joins the Nordic Investments Forum, speaking on the "Green Bonds Opportunity"
Jun 15, 2018 »
Hong Kong: Sean Kidney speaks at Hong Kong Monetary Authority and People's Bank of China Joint Seminar: "Mainland and Hong Kong Green Finance Opportunities"
Jun 14, 2018 »
Hong Kong: Sean Kidney's Panel at 2018 Green and Social Bond Principles Annual General Meeting & Conference co-hosted by International Capital Market Association and Hong Kong Monetary Authority
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Jun 13, 2018 »
Hong Kong: Rob Fowler talks at Business Environment Council Seminar on “Climate Finance: From Green Bonds to Green Loans - Recent Market Developments”
Jun 12, 2018 »
Hong Kong: Sean Kidney speaks at HSBC Green Bonds Seminar