• Mar 7, 2017: London: Rob Fowler presenting at the Assurance Roundtable hosted by PwC and organized by Climate Bonds’ Head of Certification Rob Fowler.
  • Mar 6, 2017:

    London: The 2017 Climate Bonds Annual Conference and Green Bond Awards will be held at the Guidhall and will be the largest green bond event ever held in the UK.

    More here

  • Feb 28, 2017: Vienna: Manuel Adamini presenting at the Raiffeisen Bank International (HYPO investor day.
  • Feb 28, 2017: Frankfurt: Sean Kidney attending the meeting of IIF Green Finance Working Group Roundtable
  • Past events

    January 2017

    December 2016

    ​November 2016

    • 1st November - Beijing: Sean Kidney keynote presenter on 'How Green Bonds Can Support China’s Industry and Energy Transition' at China Coal Consumption Cap and Energy Transition.
    • 1st November - Beijing: Sean Kidney guest lecturer at Tsinghua University.

    • 3th November – Casablanca: Sean Kidney speaking at the International Forum on Sustainable Mobility.

    • 4th November - Casablanca: Sean Kidney speaking at the 'Mobilizing Finance in the Context of the Paris Agreement' Conference

    • 4th November – São Paulo: Justine Leigh-Bell participating on the 2nd meeting of the Brazilian Council for Sustainable Market Development.

    • 4th 5th November – Xianan: Anna Creed speaking at the 'Regional Workshop on Catalyzing Blue Economy Investment in East Asia' hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, State Oceanic Association, PRC and PEMSEA 

    • 7th November – Paris: Sean Kidney speaking at the Society General EU SRI & ESG Conference.

    • 7th - 8th November – Brussels: Anna Creed speaking at the 'Blending Finance for Agriculture Conference' hosted by The Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Co-operations (CTA). 

    • 10th November – Brussels: Manuel Adamini speaking at Eurosif SRI Study 2016 launch event.

    • 11th November – London: Sean Kidney speaking on the Green Finance Day at the 8th 'UK-China Economic and Financial Dialogue: Greening the Golden Era'.

    • 12th November – Marrakesh/COP22: Sean Kidney speaking at the Global Climate Action 'Transport Dialogue'(link is external), hosted by the UNFCCC and Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport. 

    • 15th November – Marrakesh/COP22: Sean Kidney speaking at Solar@COP 2016(link is external) co-organized by CGEM, MEDEF International and Terrawatt Initiativ.

    • 15th November - Marrakesh/COP22: Sean Kidney speaking on Green Finance at the UK Pavilion Green Zone.

    • 15th November - Marrakesh/COP22: Sean Kidney speaking on 'Urban Climate Action: Building Resilient Cities in a Changing World'(link is external) panel organized by the World Bank.

    • 16th November – Zurich: Manuel Adamini speaking at ICMA-SIX Exchange GB Event.

    • 16th November - Marrakesh/COP22: Sean Kidney speaking at the side event 'Positive Carbon' hosted by the Brazil Ministry of Environment. 

    • 16th November - Marrakesh/COP22: Sean Kidney speaking in the Panel 2 - ‘From Paris to Marrakech: Businesses’ Contributions and Solutions’ at the High Level Business Summit on Climate Change.

    • 16th November - Marrakesh/COP22: Sean Kidney speaking at the 'Green Finance Forum' hosted by FICCI at the India Pavillion.

    • 16th November - Marrakesh/COP22: Sean Kidney keynote speaker in the panel 'Scaling-up Climate Finance and Widening the Field' at the High Level Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Finance hosted by UNFCCC.

    • 16th November – Marrakesh/COP22: Sean Kidney speaking at the “Fostering Green Capital Markets in the South” COP22 side event(link is external) jointly organized by the United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative, the Casablanca Stock Exchange, the Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC) and the Moroccan Central Securities Depository (MAROCLEAR).

    • 17th November – Marrakesh/COP22: Sean Kidney speaking at OECD(link is external) side event ‘High-level Breakfast on Institutional Investors and the Low-Carbon Transition'.

    • 17th November – Marrakesh/COP22: Sean Kidney speaking at the 'Panel 2 - Achieving climate-resilient investments and financing' 'at 'Water, A Connector for Successful NDC Implementation(link is external)' event organized by SIWI (Stockholm International Water Institute) and AGWA (Alliance for Global Water Adaptation).

    • 28th November – Luxembourg: Sean Kidney speaking at the 'Risk and Climate Change' Conference at the World Risk Forum organized by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

    • 28th November – São Paulo: Justine Leigh-Bell speaking at the UNICA Fórum(link is external) 2016 organized by MCI Group e MediaLink.

    • 30th November - Vienna: Manuel Adamini speaking at the EY Green Bonds Roundtable.


    October 2016

    • 3rd October – Toronto: Sean Kidney launching the Canada Edition 'State of the Market 2016'.

    • 4th October - Washington, DC: Sean Kidney speaking on CBI and WWF Green Bonds Side Event 'Unlocking the Potential of Green Bonds' at IMF / WB Annual Meetings .

    • 4th October – Global: Anna Creed and Rob Fowler Webinar: Green Bonds for Low Carbon Vehicle Transport 

    • 5th October - São Paulo: Fernanda Zampieri panellist on 'Dialogues on Corporate Bonds' at the 3rd Latam ESG 2016 Conference

    • 5th October - Washington, DC: Sean Kidney speaking in the session 'Role of Capital Markets' at 2016 IIF Green Finance Workshop

    • 6th October – Global: Kajetan Czyz speaking on EU Clean Energy Infrastructure Pipelines online forum by E3G, Globe and GIIC.

    • 7th October – Washington, DC: Sean Kidney speaking on the 'Green Bonds Roundtables' organized by CBI & E3G and hosted by the British Embassy.

    • 10th October – Medellín: Diletta Giuliani presenting the project 'Green Bonds for Cities’ in partnership with South Pole Group on the Climate-KIC panel at the Low Carbon Cities forum.

    • 12th October – Frankfurt: Sean Kidney speaking and launching the German 'Bonds and Climate Change: State of the Market 2016'.

    • 13th October – Istanbul: Manuel Adamini keynote speaker on the National PV Solar Financing Project, in partnership with Arcor.

    • 13th October – Stockholm: Sean Kidney speaking on the 'Green Bonds and Sustainable Capital Markets' seminar at Handelsbanken.

    • 17th October – Delhi: Sean Kidney speaking at the inaugural meeting of the 'India Green Bonds Committee' and launch of 'State of the Market 2016 India Edition' report, with Kajetan Czyz.

    • 18th October – Mumbai: Sean Kidney speaking and launching the 'State of the Market 2916 India Edition' report with Kajetan Czyz.

    • 19th October – Changsha: Rob Fowler speaking on the 'Role of Financial Institutions in Low Carbon Technology Development and Promotion' at Asia-Pacific Summit on Low Carbon Technology(link is external).

    • 21st October - Hong Kong: Rob Fowler speaking on 'Green Bonds: Hong Kong as a Financing Platform' at the Green Bond and Environmental Economics Conference.(link is external)

    • 21st October - São Paulo: Justine Leigh-Bell speaking and launching the 'Brasil Green Finance Investor Statement' at the launch event of the 'Guidelines for Issuing Green Bonds in Brazil'(link is external).

    • 25th October - Dubai: Sean Kidney speaking at the 'Finance Initiative Global Roundtable' at UNEP-FI Global Roundtable 2016(link is external).

    • 25th October - Rio de Janeiro: Justine Leigh-Bell speaking on "Sustainability in a Scenario of Crisis" panel at Sustentável 2016(link is external) congress organizaed by CEBDS. 

    • 27th-28th October - Sweden: Manuel Adamini speaking at the Sustainable City Financing Workshop.


    September 2016

    • 1st September - Luxembourg: Manuel Adamini conducting a training session at Luxembourg Stock Exchange (in collaboration with Novethic).

    • 2nd September - Sao Paulo: Justine Leigh-Bell and Fernanda Zampieri on CEBDS / CBI inaugural Brazilian 'Green Bond Market Development Council.'

    • 6th September - Amsterdam: Kajetan Czyz presenting on 'Green Bonds as a Policy Tool: Emerging Markets' and Manuel speaking on 'Green Bond Standards and Verification'  at Euromoney Sustainable and Responsible Capital Markets Forum.

    • 6th-8th September - Singapore: Andrew Whiley at PRI in Person Annual Conference.

    • 8th September - Global: Anna Creed and Rob Fowler presenting webinar on Low Carbon Transport Criteria - Rail. infrastructure.

    • 9th September - Singapore: Sean Kidney presenting on ‘Sustainable infrastructure in cities: The Green Bonds Market’ at

      PRI in Person CDP Side Event - Connecting Cities & Investors to Scale Up Climate Finance.

    • 9th September - Singapore: Sean Kidney presenting State of the Market Singapore launch and profiling international green bond market developments at the EuroCham  Climate Change Finance event on 'How can Green Projects be Better Financed Today in Asia?'

    • 12th September - Paris: Sean Kidney and Manuel Adamini preseting the State of the Market Paris Launch at HSBC 'Finance post COP21 world: what works?' event.

    • 13th September - Stockholm: Sean Kidney presenting the State of the Market Sweden Launch with Danske Bank

    • 14th September - Dusseldorf: Manuel Adamini is a panellist at ECBC Plenary Meeting - Covered Bond Industry: Mapping a new world.

    • 14th September - Brasilia: Justine Leigh-Bell presenting on 'Capital Market Mobilization for Climate Solutions' at the 1st International Seminar on Climate Resilience and Decarbonisation of the Economy.

    • 15th September - Boston: Sean Kidney presenting State of the Market briefing at Standish.

    • 19th September - New York: Claire Berson and Sean Kidney presenting US State of the Market Launch at Climate Week New York.

    • 20th September - New York: Sean Kidney speaking on 'Measuring and Standardising Climate Disclosure' panel at theSustainable Investment Forum.

    • 20th September - Sydney: Rob Fowler is a guest speaker at AEGN's first Environmental Impact Investing Group.

    • 26th September - The Hague: Manuel Adamini is speaking at FMO Future of Finance 2016 Conference.

    • 27th September - Luxembourg: Sean Kidney will be delivering the keynote address at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange conference dinner to over 800 high ranking financial and political guests.

    • 29th September - Brussels: Sean Kidney participating in Investing for a 2 Degree World: Recent Trends in Green Bond Market Development and EIB’s Contributions, EIB Stakeholder Engagement Workshop.


    August 2016

    • 2nd August - Sao Paulo: Sean Kidney and Justine Leighbell at Hosting Brazil’s New Investment Potential Post COP21 & ‘State of the Market 2016’ Brazil Launch

    • 9th August - Beijing: Sean Kidney panelist at Sustainable Financing in China conference, 'Innovating Banking & Finance for a Sustainable Future'

    • 11th August - Shanghai: Sean Kidney presenting at China State of the Market Launch

    • 30th August - Stockholm: Justine Leighbell presenting at World Water Week 'Retooling 'Retooling finance for resilient solutions: Connecting finance, water and climate' .


    July 2016

    • 1stJuly - London: Sean Kidney, Camille Frandon-Martinez, Andrew Whiley at the Launch of Climate Bonds annual State of the Market Report: 2016. Tate Modern, funded by HSBC.

    • 4thJuly - Sydney: Sean Kidney, Bridget Boulle, Rob flower speaking at the State of the Market Sydney Launch.

    • 5thJuly  - Adelaide: Sean Kidney giving a LIVE webinar from Adelaide.

    • 5thJuly - Adelaide: Sean Kidney Speaker at South Australian Premier’s Climate Change Council Reception.

    • 6thJuly - Adelaide: Sean Kidney giving a Keynote at Climate Change Adaptation(link is external) conference.

    • 7thJuly - Rome: Justine Leigh-bell speaking at UNEP Inquiry's Italian National Dialogue on Sustainable Finance. Panel: Sustainable Finance in Practice: Special session on Green Bonds.

    • 7thJuly - London: Kajetan Czyż giving a Green Finance training session for UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) overseas teams.

    • 14thJuly  - Madrid: Sean Kidney at the State of the Market Madrid Launch at the Climate Finance: Green Bonds International Conference (link is external)(details here).

    • 14thJuly - Madrid: Sean Kidney is LIVE from Madrid webinar - presentation of Bonds and Climate Change, State of the Market 2016 report (register here)

    • 20thJuly - Nairobi: Sean Kidney moderator in High-level Dialogue at Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative(link is external).

    • 21stJuly - Nairobi:  Sean Kidney talking at UN-Habitat headquarters.

    • 21stJuly - Berlin: Manuel Adamini at the Divestment to Green Investment: Perspectives from Finance, Science and Society, Humboldt University

    June 2016

    May 2016

    April 2016


    ​October 2015

    8 June

    London 8 JunPast events 


    ​July 2015


    June 2015


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    February 2015


    January 2015


    December 2014


    ​November 2014


    October 2014

    • 28-29 Oct 2014 – Paris, France – International Energy Agency(link is external)’s Workshop on Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 (ETP 2016).

      Climate Bonds Initiative Standards manager Justine Leigh-Bell attended.

    • 23-24 Oct 2014 – Paris, France – World Pensions and Investments Forum 2014 focusing on “Long Term Assets and Social Responsibility”, Paris. Open (free of charge) to registered representatives of pension & sovereign funds, government agencies, insurance companies (excl. commercial asset management subsidiaries) and media organisationsNick Silver and Sean Kidney.

    • 20-21 Oct 2014 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Global Green Growth Forum (3GF),

      Brings together leaders from government, business and international organisations on driving the transition to a green economy. Invitation only.

      Sean Kidney spoke on:
    • Towards a Sustainable Financial System: The Case of China(link is external), 20 Oct, 4-5 pm 
    • Green Bonds for Water, 21 Oct, 8-9 am
    • Wed 8 October 2014 ​- Banking of the future, a panel discussion at the Book Launch of Responsible Investment Banking, Frankfurt, Germany

    ​Sean Kidney participated in the Panel Discussion

    Sean Kidney headed the session titled 'Green bonds in context: what you need to know'


    September 2014

    On day 2 of the conference Sean Kindey moderated the fixed income session titled: ​Green Bonds – the developing market, frameworks and corporate issuance

    Climate Bonds Initiative CEO, Sean Kidney participated in the Global Opportunity Panel discussion and workshops related to risks associated with: Extreme Weather; Lock-in to Fossil Fuels; Urban Breakdown; Lack of Freshwater; Continued Rise in Chronic NCDs. 

    Climate Bonds Inititiative CEO, Sean Kindney spoke at the event where socially responsible investors from across Europe will come together with corporate, government and financial issuers to discuss and debate environmental, social and governance issues and how to apply these to the fixed income market.


    August 2014

    • Thurs 28 August 2014 - Atlantic to Gulf webinar on the HSBC commissioned report 'Bonds & Climate Change. The state of the market in 2014'

    • Mon 25 August 2014 -  Alpbach Political Symposium(link is external) at the European Forum Alpbach,(link is external) Austria

      Climate Bonds Inititiative CEO, Sean Kidney participated in the ​Session 13: Climate and Energy – Key Questions for the Future

    • Fri 22 August 2014 - Americas webinar on the HSBC commissioned report 'Bonds & Climate Change. The state of the market in 2014'

    • Tue 19 August 2014 - Asia/Australia webinar on the HSBC commissioned report 'Bonds & Climate Change. The state of the market in 2014'

    July 2014

    Time: Monday 21 July 2014, 12.30 - 14:00  Venue: Allianz Global Investors, Bockenheimer Landstraße 42-44 Frankfurt

    Time: Thursday 17 July 2014, 4-6pm Venue: Shearman & Sterling, 9 Appold Street, London, EC2A 2AP 

    This year's "Bonds and Climate Change: State of the Market 2014" report features an update on the "underwriter-labeled" green bonds market as well the usual full analysis of bonds related to climate change. They amounted to $346 billion outstanding in last year's report; we can tell you that this year's figure will be North of that.

    Side event organised during the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development by The Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT) in coordination with the Climate Bonds Initiative, the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy and GIZ.

    • Mon 7 July 2014 -  Japanese Ministry of Environment Committee on Market Creation for Promoting Green Investment, Tokyo​

    • Thu 10 July 2014 - EcoForum Global(link is external)Guyian, China

    Sean spoke at the Green Finance Workshop I: Dealing with 'Stranded Assets' and green bonds at the EcoForum Annual Global Conference

    • Thu 3 July 2014 - Solar Secondary Markets Europe conference, London

    Sean Kidney participated in the pannel discussion titiled: Innovative investment models.

     Sean Kidney, Nick Silver spoke  at the event. 

    Overview: Climate Bonds are not just securities for financing green energy projects – this $356bn market is developing rapidly and has a clear ethical bent.  Come and learn what Climate Bonds are, how this market is growing as well as the prospects for both Climate Bond certification and sector indices..

    June 2014

    Sean Kidney spoke at the Environmental Finance's 4th annual Environmental Bonds conference. The conference will examine the challenges facing the environmental bond market as it matures and the opportunities available for investors, issuers, bankers, corporates and others

    • Thu 6 June 2014 - European Investment Bank & Climate Bonds Initiative co-hosted roundtable with Institutional Investors - London 

    The purpose of the meeting is to discuss ideas around renewable energy investments for Institutional Investors.

    May 2014

    • Thu 29 May 2014 - Webinar on Climate Bonds Green Property criteria under the Climate Bonds Standard & Certification Scheme

    We are now in the final stages of the eligibility criteria development process for Green Property (commercial and residential) and we're holding this webinar to run through proposed criteria and seek feedback. 

    ​The webinar co-hosted with PRI Initiative was held at 7am HK-Beijing, 8am Seoul-Tokyo, 9am AEDT / Wed 4pm; 28 May on the US West Coastuf 


    • Tue 28 Jan 2014  - The Sustainable & Climate Bonds Seminar  - Paris

    If you’re in Paris at 14:00-17:45 on Tuesday 28 January 2014 – or looking for as good excuse to be there – come along to the Sustainable Bonds seminar we are co-hosting with KeplerCheuvreux(link is external) and the 2ºC Investing Initiative(link is external). The seminar will look at issues impacting on Sustainable Bonds, and at developments with Green and Climate Bonds.

    To see the list of speakers, please follow the link.

    Venue: Auditorium FNCA, 48-50 rue de la Boétie, 75008 Paris.

    RSVP (this week) to sends e-mail)

    2013 Bonds and Climate Change event series







    Roundtable - 14 December 2012 - Climate Bonds Initiative hosted a roundtable to discuss the paper on Renewable Energy Covered Bond.

    Webinars - 11 and 12 July 2012 - Nick Robins from HSBS and Sean Kidney from Climate Bonds Initiative  presented the findings of the latest report on the current market size and future opportunity of the climate-themed bonds market.

    Presentation - 20 March 2012 NYC - Sean Kidney, chair of Climate Bonds Initiative, made a speech on 'mobilizing debt capital markets' at Bloomberg NEF Summit. Download the presentation here