Notable Recent Media Coverage for Climate Bonds:



marketwatch-logoThe Wall Street Journal MarketWatch

Canada’s Green Bond Market Edges Toward Maturity, Says Ottawa Think Tank- 24 September 2013



Global Association of Risk Professionals

Healthy Climate for Green Bonds (article clipping)- 4 September 2013


changingDevelopment in a Changing Climate

World Bank Green Bonds Surpass US $4bn Mark- Reflections Five Years On (article clipping)- 28 August 2013


 21st21st Century Business Herald

China climate finance to require RMB 2.46 trillion by 2020 (article clipping)- August 2013

Responding to Climate Change


Responding to Climate Change 


UN climate finance talks deliver options – but no new money (article clipping)-  21 August 2013


guardian-logoThe Guardian

Could climate bonds pave the way to a low-carbon economy? (article clipping)- 15 August 2013

BofA launches battle of the bankers to drive green office savings (article clipping)- 5 August 2013


The Financial Times

Green bonds take root in maturing market - 8 December 2013, read the article on

Bond markets have a role to play in helping the environment (article clipping) – 17 September 2012, FTFM or read the article on

First green bonds standards launched  (article clipping) – 20 November 2011 or read the article on


The Economist  

Climate bonds  - If it’s green and folds – 22 June 2012

A dull shade of green – A modest, but important, addition to climate finance – 29 October 2012



Green Bonds to top $9 bn on Buffett’s MidAmerican boost- 20 August 2013

Covered Bonds backed by Government may unlock renewables cash – 14 December 2012

Covered Bonds could fund renewables, Climate Bonds group says – 23 May 2012

Political-Risk insurer underused as Climate talks fail – 10 May 2012

Climate Bonds Initiative’s Kidney on Green Bonds – 20 March 2012

Islamic debt spurred in $15 billion opportunity for greener Gulf - 28 February 2012

Morgan Stanley among panel members working on new Climate Bond – 1 September 2011


The Financial News

Bond markets could head to the rescue in climate challenge – 26 June 2012



ESG roundup: Impact investing, Climate Bonds Initiative on solar assets-  19 Aug 2013

Experts call for covered bonds to support low-carbon economy – 14 Dec 2012

Energy efficiency working group to develop climate bond criteria – 1 August 2012

Climate bond opportunity greater than expected at €140bn, argues new report – 31 May 2012

ESG roundup: Climate Bonds Standard, Norwegian SWF, forest bonds, UKSIF - 1 December 2011

Forests into fixed income – 1 December 2011


Business Green

Climate bond market tops $174bn – 31 May 2012

Climate Bonds Initiative debuts first Bond Standard – 25 November 2011

Exclusive: Climate bonds group poised to launch new international standard - 6 July 2011

Climate Bonds Initiative aims to open taps on low-carbon economy finance – 16 December 2009


Environmental Finance

Climate bond market broader, deeper than assumed – HSBC (article clipping)- 24 May 2012 or read the article on

Green fillip needed as we enter ‘age of bonds  (article clipping) – 31 January 2012 or read the article on Environmental

Details emerge of Climate Bond Standard (article clipping) – 1 November 2011

Green Bonds, securitisations in the pipeline as interest builds  (article clipping) – 16 March 2011

Climate bonds standard to be released by April  (article clipping) – 5 January 2011


aussiThe Australian

World warms to the idea of climate bonds- 18 May 2012


Pensions & Investments 

Tiny green bonds market looking ready to sprout (article clipping) 18 April 2011

Green bonds sow a long a long-term investment possibility (article clipping) – 28 April 2011


ENDS Europe

EIB plans more climate bonds for next year (article clipping) – 20 November 2012


Asset Securitization Report 

Group explores renewable energy covered bonds (article clipping) – 17 December 2012


pensionsPensions Week

Schemes funnel £70bn into green bond deal (article clipping) – 31 October 2011


IDInvestor Daily   

Green bond market set to grow – 20 June 2012

IGCC commits to climate bond standards – 5 July 2011


Institutional Investor  

Green Bonds gain investors climate-friendly credentials – 18 April 2013

TIAA-CREF provides a boost to SRI bonds – 22 October 2012


The New York Times/International Herald Tribune

A change of heart on investing in the Climate – 27 November 2011


Climate Spectator 

Green deals: solar deadlines – 6 July 2011


Corporate Knights (supplement to the Washington Post) 

Bond: Green Bond – 5 January 2012

Can bond markets save the world? – 12 August 2011


sustainabThe Sustainability Report

Climate Bonds Initiative releases criteria for solar assets- 16 August 2013

Report: US$174bn global market for climate-themed bonds – 1 June 2012

Mercer: green bonds deserve investment consideration – 22 June 2012


Investor Ideas 

HSBC/Climate Bonds Report finds climate-themed bond opportunities for fixed income investors bigger than expected – 31 May 2012


Environmental Leader 

Climate-themed bond market hits $174 billion – 31 May 2012


logo-InfrastructureJournalInfrastructure Journal

European bond finance: a time for alternative sources of capital – 28 February 2012


fpppThe Finance Professionals’ Post

Setting the Standards for investing in the Solutions to Climate Change – 23 February 2012

Nick Robins provides insight on the Climate Bonds Initiative – 24 January 2012


businessSustainable Business

Climate Bonds move forward – Issue 87, January 2012


The Age and Sydney Morning Herald  

Here’s a super idea: use share choice for change – 23 July 2011


Australian Financial Review

Funding the climate change fight - 22 June 2010


Holyrood Magazine 

The business of green – 16 January 2012



Climate Bond Standard released, open for business - 23 November 2011

Could special bonds fund the green revolution and stabilize the climate? – 2 February 2010


Wind Power Monthly 

Renewables finance: green bond concept gains ground – 1 November 2009


Government Magazine

Bonds, Climate Bonds – 18 January 2010


Isramart Green Economic Blog

Climate Bonds Initiative aims to open taps on low-carbon economy – 29 December 2009


BRW magazine logoBRW magazine

Climate war chest – 5 November 2009


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