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Advisory Panel

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  • Dr. David Wood
    Director, Initiative for Responsible Investment, Harvard University
  • Sean P. Flannery
    Director, IFOK Gmbh, COO Meister Consultants. Former CIO Americas, State Street Global Advisors

Green Valley, California

  • Bryan Martel (Director)
    MD, Environmental Capital Group. Co-founder of the P8



  • Sumantra Sen
    Responsible Investment Research Association; Climate Bonds India


  • Henry Derwent
    Former CEO International Emissions Trading Association
  • Paul Clements-Hunt
    Blended capital, former CEO UNEP Finance Initiative


  • Jon Bianco 
    MD, Catalyst Capital Advisors. Investment banker specialising in the Muni bond market.


  • Dr Melsa Ararat 
    Logos Asset Management and Faculty of Management, Sabancı University


  • Abyd Karmali
    MD and Global Head of Carbon Markets, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Alexandre Chavarot
    Advisor - Climate Finance, Clinton Climate Initiative; Managing Partner, Clean Infra Partners; Climate Bonds India
  • Alex Veys
    CIO, Partnership Assurance
  • Anthony Hobley
    CEO, Carbon Tracker Initiative, former global head of climate change and carbon finance, Norton Rose
  • Bryn Jones
    Investment Manager, Rathbone Brothers
  • Christoph Harwood
    CEO Marksman Consulting
  • Colin Hines
    Convenor, Green New Deal
  • Imtiaz Ahmad
    Executive Director, Morgan Stanley
  • James Cameron
    Vice Chair, Climate Change Capital
  • Jon Grayson
    Enviromarket Carbon Tracker Initiative
  • Jonathan Maxwell
    Co-Founder, Sustainable Development Capital LLP
  • Jeremy Leggett
    Executive Chairman, Solarcentury
  • Lawrence Bloom
    Executive Chairman, BE Energy
  • Prof. Michael Mainelli
    Z/Yen Grou and Gresham College
  • Michelle T Davies
    Head, clean energy group, Eversheds
  • Nick Robins
    Co-director, UNEP Inquiry into a Sustainable Financial System, ex-HSBC
  • Paul Dickinson
    Executive Chairman Carbon Disclosure Project
  • Phillip Wolfe
    Chairman Ownergy Ltd, former Director General, UK Renewable Energy Association
  • Richard Murphy
    Chartered Accountant, taxation policy consultant
  • Robert Webb
    Renewable energy technologist
  • Sean Hanafin
    CEO Eros Renewables, former MD Global Energy, Citigroup
  • Simon Petley
  • Stephen Fawkes
    Head of equities research, Matrix Capital
  • Stuart Clenaghan
    Principal, Eco System Services, former Lehman head of Eurobond trading
  • Vicki Bakhshi
    Governance and Sustainable Investments, F&C Management
  • Vince Julier
    Partner at Greensphere Capital. Formerly EMEA head of structured finance at BP
  • Xavier Lecacheur
    Development and climate change


  • Christopher Knowles
    Head of Climate Change & Environment, European Investment Bank


New York

Rio de Janeiro

  • Dr Pedro Moura Costa
    E2 environmental finance, co-founder EcoSecurities


  • Prof. John Mathews
    ENI Chair of Competitive Dynamics and Global Strategy, LUISS University


  • William Choi
    CEO, CB Williams Group
  • Darius Nassiry
    Global Green Growth InstituteVisiting Fellow, Centre for Global Development


  • Louis Perroy
    ClimateKos; Climate Bonds coordinator for SE Asia



  • Dr Karl Mallon (Director)
    Chief Scientist, Climate Risk Australia
  • Mark Fulton
    Former head of Climate Research, Deutsche Bank


  • Matthew Kiernan
    CEO Inflection Point Capital, founder of Innovest
  • Nelson Switzer
    PriceWaterhouse Canada
  • Prof. Cynthia Williams (Director)
    University of Illinois, College of Law. Corporate law and securities expert
  • Franz Maritsch
    Engineering consultant, expert in development of large-scale power plants


  • Dr Barbara Buchner
    Director, Climate Policy Initiative Venice office

Washington DC

  • Cameron D Prell
    Environmental Finance attorney, McGuireWoods legal service


  • Paul Hughes
    Environmental Communication Foundation. Energy efficiency advisor

* Note that Advisory Panel members serve in their personal capacities; organizational affiliations are listed for identification purposes only.